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Bomb Barrel

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Bomb Barrel
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Bomb Barrels,(BotW)[1] also known as Bomb Stacks,(NL)[2] are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series. Bomb Barrels go unnamed in The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and Link's Crossbow Training.

Location and Uses

The Wind Waker

Bomb Barrels appear floating on the Great Sea near the Forsaken Fortress in The Wind Waker. Similar to Bombs, Bomb Barrels flash red with increasing rapidness as its fuse burns out, giving an indication as to when the Bomb Barrel is about to explode. If in close proximity of a Bomb Barrel when it detonates, Link will be thrown off his boat. In The Wind Waker HD, he is simply damaged instead. Direct collision with a Bomb Barrel will also cause it to explode.

Twilight Princess

Bomb Barrels appear in an outside room of the Goron Mines in Twilight Princess. In this room, several Bulblin archers will shoot at Link with fire-tipped Arrows, which may detonate the Bomb Barrels scattered across the rooms. Bomb Barrels also appear in the Hidden Village, which Link can use to shoot down the Bulblins around the Village.

Phantom Hourglass

Bomb Barrels appear as obstacles in the World of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass. They can be detonated from a distance using the Cannon.

Spirit Tracks

Bomb Barrels can be found inside a cave during the Three Trials in the Sand Realm in Spirit Tracks. They must be use in order to damage the Rocktite. Exploding a Bomb Barrel with the Cannon while the Rocktite is nearby forces its eye open, leaving it vulnerable to direct attacks.

Breath of the Wild

Bomb Barrels appear predominately around enemy encampments in Breath of the Wild. If a Bomb Barrel comes into contact with an open flame, it will detonate.[1] Alternatively, sufficient concussive damage to a Bomb Barrel will cause it to break and explode. Link can use the Stasis Rune in conjunction with a Weapon on a Bomb Barrel to cause it to explode wherever it lands.[3] Anything flammable within the blast radius of a Bomb Barrel will catch fire when one explodes. It is possible to detonate nearby Bomb Barrels with the blast from another Bomb Barrel, causing a chain of explosions. Despite this, explosions from Bomb Barrels cannot detonate Remote Bomb Runes.

Bomb Barrels also appear in Kah Okeo Shrine, where they can be seen affixed to Balloons. While attached to Balloons, Bomb Barrels can be directed with a Korok Leaf. If Link attempts to pick up a Bomb Barrel that is attached to Balloons, the ropes connecting them will sever.

Other Appearances

Link's Crossbow Training

Bomb Barrels appear in certain stages in Link's Crossbow Training, such as in the Hidden Village Bulblin shootout in Stage 5. These Bomb Barrels can be used to Link's advantage, as detonating them will defeat any nearby Bulblin.

Nintendo Land

Monita's Comment


Bomb Stack

Esteemed visitors, please refrain from detonating explosives when your friends are nearby. But don't worry about these bombs--I'm mostly sure it's just a display unit.

Bomb Stacks appear in various Stages in Nintendo Land's Battle Quest. They can be detonated with a strike from an Arrow. When detonated, Bomb Stacks damage anything in their blast radius.

Bomb Stacks also appear as a Prize in the Nintendo Land Plaza. When interacted with, they explode before being replaced. The explosions from the Prize do not cause any damage.


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