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Bokoblin Outpost

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Bokoblin Outpost
Bokoblin Outpost.png
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Bokoblin Outposts are small Bokoblin-inhabited camps that are found in the Eldin Volcano region in Skyward Sword.

Appearance and Features

Bokoblin Outposts are inhabited by multiple varieties of Bokoblins, and are usually found atop the many steep hills in Eldin Volcano. The outposts were said to be formed shortly after the Bokoblins arrived in Eldin Volcano, terrorizing the local treasure hunting Mogmas and other various creatures. They consist of a small group of tribal-like huts, covered with various animal skins. Campfires, cooking pots, torches, bombs, and animal skin mats can be found around the camp.

The Bokoblins protect their outposts by throwing boulders down the mountain to prevent Link from climbing up to the camp. They also use guard towers to spot Link from afar, similar to the Lookout Platforms in The Wind Waker. The towers can be brought down with a Bomb or a Bomb Flower; after falling they usually form a makeshift bridge over a large gap. Later in the game, all of the outposts are abandoned by the Bokoblins, so Kortz decides to take residence inside one of the huts,[1][2][3] while Merco can be found outside, wondering what Bokoblins eat.[4]



  • If Link rolls into the cooking pots from the Bokoblin Outposts, a heart will fall out.


  1. "Hey! Welcome to my place! Make yourself at home. What? Of course this is my house! OK, OK, those red creeps built it, but... They split, right? So what's the harm? Us Mogmas live in the ground, so we don't have what you would call "houses." I just wanted to see what it felt like to say "Welcome to my place!"" — Kortz (Skyward Sword)
  2. "Back again, huh? Don't mind me or anything--it's just MY HOUSE! What? What do you mean I didn't have to tunnel all the way up here? Look, I know it's a run-down, dirty hovel, but it's MINE! And I want to know who's dropping by my dirty hovel. Oh, and just 'cause you're all rested doesn't mean you can roll around and bust the place up!" — Kortz (Skyward Sword)
  3. "Do me a favor, will ya? Try not to go crazy and roll around all over the place. Dust bunnies, ya know?" — Kortz (Skyward Sword)
  4. "Just curious, but...what do ya think those red guys eat, anyway?" — Merco (Skyward Sword)
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