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BotW Bohrin Model.png
Race Goron

Bohrin is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Bohrin is an elderly Goron who works as a miner at the Southern Mine in the Eldin Canyon. Bohrin works the night shift; during the day he can be found asleep beneath a tarp while the other Gorons work, before waking up at night and working the entire shift alone.[1] By the following morning, he is much too tired and goes straight back to sleep.[2]

Bohrin may be spoken to while he is working. He explains that the Gorons used to mine at the Death Mountain Summit, until the Divine Beast Vah Rudania appeared and made the area too dangerous. As a result, the Gorons now work at the Southern Mine.[3] He also gives directions to Goron City, and warns Link that the road ahead is dangerous.[4]


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