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FPTRR Teddy Todo 1 Sprite.png
Teddy Todo, the first Bodyguard

Bodyguards are both characters and an integral gameplay element from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Since Tingle is not a fighter himself, early on he is forced to hire and team up with one of the many Bodyguards around if he wants to continue his journey. Each Bodyguard has their own set of traits that subtly alters the way Tingle moves through the many islands. Bodyguards, apart from Drifter Bodyguards, are hired in Bodyguard Salons.


Bodyguards, once hired, accompany Tingle throughout the continent and aid in battles with the local wildlife. They can fight independently or with Tingle. When battling together, Tingle will take less damage.[1] Tingle can restore a salon-hired bodyguard's health with potions so long as they still have some energy left. If a bodyguard's health completely depletes and they collapse due to their wounds, they will not be effected by potions.[2] Instead, Tingle will have to hire them again for their services. Some time is given for this, but if they are not paid, they will go back to the Bodyguard Salon without warning.[3] Hiring a new Bodyguard at a salon or in the overworld will terminate any existing bodyguard contract.

The three main traits of a Bodyguard are related to their continent of work, their size class and their behaviour. Salon-hired Bodyguards cannot travel between continents and are instead bound to the continent in which they are hired. If Tingle travels to another continent, his bodyguard will not meet him there and he may decide to hire one of the local Bodyguards for help - at the cost of the contract on the other continent. If no other Bodyguard is hired though, the old one will loyally await their employer's return to their continent.[4] Each continent has the same set of nine Bodyguard types, with power levels appropriate for that continent. The nine types are composed of three behavior patterns among three size classes. The size class' immediate use is the ease with which enemies are destroyed. Small-sized Bodyguards need more healing and take longer to destroy an enemy whereas large Bodyguards can handle nearly any battle with ease. The size classes come with a secondary function, a so-called "special ability". In dungeons, some Treasure Chests are out of reach because they lie deep in a small hole, are located behind a locked door or are obstructed by a large boulder. Small Bodyguards can crawl into holes to fetch the treasure, medium Bodyguards are skilled lock-pickers and large Bodyguards have the strength required to lift the boulder out of the way.[5] Behavior is what sets the members of one size class apart. There are passive Bodyguards who will not engage in battle alone unless forced to,[6] often ignoring a direct commanded to attack. Aggressive Bodyguards in turn attack everything in sight, whether they can defeat it or not and whether it ruins the chances of getting multiple enemies in one fight or not. Generally the most useful, and therefore most expensive Bodyguards in a given size class, are the assertive ones, who only engage in battle if ordered or if their employer is in trouble.

Drifter Bodyguards

There are three Drifter Bodyguards Tingle can employ in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland:[7] Teddy Todo, Yamori and Ronny. They work very differently from the normal Bodyguards, being easier to handle in some regards and more difficult in others. They work without a license, so they cannot be hired in the Bodyguard Salons. Instead, Tingle must stumble upon them by chance, at first to win their respect, then later to actually hire them. They are significantly more powerful than regular Bodyguards and are capable of trademark moves during battle.[8] Not being bound to a Salon also means they can travel with their employer across continents.[9] However, Drifter Bodyguards do not take potions when injured and refuse to re-sign a contract when they have collapsed, leaving the length of their use limited.[10] To re-hire them, Tingle must seek them out once more.

List of Bodyguards

First Continent BodyguardsSecond Continent BodyguardsThird Continent Bodyguards
No. Bodyguard Title Race Description Price Health Strength Defense Type Behavior
01 FPTRR Zuzu Portrait Sprite.png
Can I Have A Tissue? Human Represents the third generation of Snotty Martial Arts Masters... Some fear for the school's future... 35 4 3 3 Small Passive
02 FPTRR Tich Portrait Sprite.png
Nursery School Brat Human His hobby is annoying grown-ups. He is a junior member of a certain secret society... 45 4 3 3 Small Aggressive
03 FPTRR Cano Portrait Sprite.png
Super Guard Dog Dog Specially-trained guard dog, Cano's bite is even worse than his bark! 65 4 3 3 Small Assertive
04 FPTRR Chuckles Portrait Sprite.png
Clowning Around Human A forgetful clown who couldn't recall where his circus tent was... What will he forget today? 105 5 4 5 Medium Passive
05 FPTRR Zonma Portrait Sprite.png
Expert Swordswoman Human Her personality is somewhat sharp and her sword is her best friend... 125 5 4 5 Medium Aggressive
06 FPTRR Mike Portrait Sprite.png
Head For Business Human An ambitious businessman who heard there were rupees to be made being a Bodyguard. 135 5 4 5 Medium Assertive
07 FPTRR Generalissimo Portrait Sprite.png
Fighting Drummer Human Likes nothing more than practicing his drumming, but is reliable in a battle. 200 7 6 8 Large Passive
08 FPTRR Bosco Portrait Sprite.png
Always Ready To Bat! Human Enjoys playing baseball with passing monsters... ...using them as the ball! 220 7 6 8 Large Aggressive
09 FPTRR Mighty Muscles Portrait Sprite.png
Mighty Muscles
Arms Of Steel Human A man with impressive muscles and an array of bad jokes, bound to amuse children and irritate adults... 230 7 6 8 Large Assertive
28 FPTRR Teddy 2 Portrait Sprite.png
Teddy Todo
Hip Drop-tastic! Unknown Following in the footsteps of Ronny, he went solo and is now finally as powerful as he always dreamed... 7000 20 20 19 N/A Aggressive
29 FPTRR Yamori Portrait Sprite.png
Hidden Blade Human Quite literally, a cut above the rest. This Drifter Bodyguard doesn't suffer fools gladly... 13000 19 20 20 N/A Assertive
30 FPTRR Ronny Portrait Sprite.png
Power Of Meditation Human An old friend of Yamori, this Drifter Bodyguard is the best of the best... 20000 20 20 20 Small Assertive'

Unofficial Bodyguards

Throughout the game, there are several compulsory contracts that need to be made in order for the storyline progress. These contracts are always temporary, and dissolve once a particular task has been achieved. These Bodyguards, with the exception of Teddy Todo, are unofficial Bodyguards and will not be added to the bodyguard list in Tingle's notebook. They cannot be taken far from where they were first engaged.

Left‎Teddy Todo
Health - 5 hearts
Behaviour - Aggressive
Location - Hero's Shrine
Before becoming a full-powered Drifter Bodyguard, Teddy Todo is found in the Hero's Shrine, where he can be hired for a minimum of 20 Rupees. This transaction is essential to progress any further into the dungeon. The contract terminates after completing the dungeon. Teddy Todo is also found in the Insect Cavern. Despite fighting alongside Tingle in the boss battle, there is no formal Bodyguard contract and Teddy Todo will not follow Tingle around.

Health - 1 heart
Behaviour - Passive
Location - Western Deku Forest, near the waterfall
Once a fearless jungle hero, Junglo has become weak in old age. He has a lower health than any other Bodyguard in the game, and requires Tingle to escort him to his home after being rescued from three insects. If Junglo's health is depleted he will retreat to the waterfall. The contract is terminated on arrival at Junglo's house.

Left‎Town Guard
Health - 10 hearts
Behaviour - Aggressive
Location - Icy Plain cemetery
The Town Guard travels to Icy Plain after discovering his wife is being plagued by ghosts. He will offer to join Tingle as a bodyguard to defeat the Ghost Ringleader. The contract terminates when the Ghost Ringleader initially defeats the guard.

Left‎Town Guard
Health - 20 hearts
Behaviour - Aggressive
Location - Icy Plain cemetery
Once revived the guard's health reaches 20, making him comparable to the Drifter Bodyguards. His contract with Tingle will renew instantly and terminates with the defeat of the Ghost Ringleader.


  • Since the Stalfos pirates are deathly afraid of dogs, Tingle can not go to their hideout when one of the dog Bodyguards tags along.
  • It seems Tingle's sidekicks from Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, are based on the three Bodyguard types. Kakashi's smaller size, Buriki's ability to solve puzzles and Lion's strength are alike to the small, medium and large size classes' special abilities.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 用心棒 (Yōjinbō) Same as English.


  1. ""Battling Together" - Want to hear about this? Bodyguards are great allies. They will defend you in battles so they lose power instead of you... By "together", I mean being part of the same smoke cloud in a battle. If you get into a battle... ...either call your Bodyguard, or move to where they are...But of course, you'll still lose some energy... You can't get 100% protection. But it's much better than trying to take on monsters by yourself. Give it a try!" — Salona (Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland)
  2. ""Watch The Hearts" - You have to hear this! Make your Bodyguard work too hard and they'll collapse. You could be in real trouble if it's a dangerous place. So before things come to that... the employer, you should always have a supply of power-up potions... if you throw it at your Bodyguard, they'll recover... You can throw it so it hits them, or get them to walk over it... Basically, as long as they touch the potion, they will feel its effects... Of course... You can also pay rupees to get your Bodyguard to recover their energy... But if you don't want to lose rupees, make sure you always carry power-up potions. But remember, once they have collapsed, it's too late to give them any power-up potion... Make sure you get it to them before that!" — Salona (Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland)
  3. ""I Give Up!" - You need to hear this. If your Bodyguard collapses, you're in trouble... But even if you go far away from where they are... They will stay lying on the ground, waiting for you... If you give them rupees, they'll regain energy. But... Bodyguards have limits to their patience... If you leave a Bodyguard who has collapsed and decide... hire a new Bodyguard... Your old Bodyguard will get up and go home. Also, if you leave your Bodyguard lying on the ground... ...and go off exploring on your own... ...they might get fed up and wander back to the Bodyguard Salon. The one thing you don't have to worry about is that because they've gone... ...they'll hold a grudge against you next time you hire them... That won't happen. These guys are pros." — Salona (Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland)
  4. ""Hello and Goodbye" - This is top info... You've got a balloon, haven't you? But your Bodyguard doesn't... So when you use your balloon... You're saying goodbye to your Bodyguard... But don't worry! The contract will continue even after that... Your Bodyguard will be waiting for you when you next go somewhere... Then you can be reunited and give them a cheerful "hello!" As long as you are on the same continent, they will always be waiting... But I have one more thing to tell you! This is the First Continent, right? I've never left it, so I don't really know but... If you say goodbye and go to another continent... You won't find your Bodyguard waiting there... Ask me again anytime!" — Salona (Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland)
  5. ""Special Abilities" - This is just great! I must apologise... I don't actually know that much about this... Every individual Bodyguard... ...has their own skills, and not just when it comes to battling... Small Bodyguards have certain advantages... Big Bodyguards pack a lot of muscle... And the medium-sized ones are good with their hands... I'm not lying! This is all true! Sorry I can't give you more details... And here's something else! When you're battling monsters, touch the smoke cloud... Keep touching it as fast as you can! Do that and you and your Bodyguard will both give it your best. This means that the power of your attacks will increase... I'm not kidding! Give it a try!" — Salona (Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland)
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  10. "I heard a rumor the other day... Apparently, there are non-Salon Bodyguards you can hire... They operate without a license... I heard that they are exceedingly powerful but... They won't drink power-up potions, they don't negotiate twice and worse than that... I heard that they are incredibly expensive to hire. Are they worth it? Personally, I think you're better off sticking with the Bodyguard Salon..." — Salona (Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland)