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Blade Brothers

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Blade Brothers
SwiftbladeWavebladeGraybladeGrimbladeScarbladeSplitbladeGreatbladeSwiftblade I
(left to right: Swiftblade, Waveblade, Grayblade, Grimblade, Scarblade, Splitblade, Greatblade and Swiftblade I)
Other media

The Blade Brothers are characters in The Minish Cap.[1]


The Blade Brothers are self-trained swordsmen, and have each won the fighting tournament at the Picori Festival.[2] If Link trains with them, they will grant him various techniques for his Sword, generally in the form of Tiger Scrolls.[3] Each brother resides within his own dojo, although Swiftblade's is the only one that is actually a building; the other Brothers reside within caves, graves, and even hollowed-out Trees. Each of the Brothers who award Link with Tiger Scrolls use the Possession Technique, which allows them to control Link's body and demonstrate the technique.[4] The other three Brothers instead use "visualization training," and tell Link to focus on his Sword performing more ably.[5]

Although Link must visit Swiftblade and learn the Spin Attack in order to complete the game, the other Brothers are completely optional. Link can sometimes train with a Brother as soon as he finds them, but they usually require him to have achieved a certain accomplishment before they will teach him. Furthermore, the three Brothers who upgrade Link's previously-learned techniques can only be found after fusing Kinstones with the other Brothers.

Blade Brothers (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Blade Brothers Figurine Sprite.png
Blade Brothers
All of these self-trained swordsmen have won the fighting tournament at the Picori Festival before. They see great potential in Link.


Main article: Swiftblade

Swiftblade is the second eldest of the Blade Brothers. His dojo is a building in the southwest corner of Hyrule Town.


Main article: Grayblade

Grayblade lives in a cave on the eastern side of Mount Crenel.


Main article: Waveblade

Waveblade lives under a tree on the southwest side of Lake Hylia.


Main article: Grimblade

Grimblade lives in a cave on southeast side of the Hyrule Castle Garden.


Main article: Scarblade

Scarblade lives in a waterfall cave on the northeast side of Castor Wilds.


Main article: Splitblade

Splitblade lives in a waterfall cave on the southern side of Veil Falls.


Main article: Greatblade

Greatblade lives in a waterfall cave on the western side of North Hyrule Field.

Swiftblade I

Main article: Swiftblade I
Swiftblade I.gif

Swiftblade I is the eldest of the Blade Brothers, and "lives" under his grave on the southwest side of Castor Wilds.

Non-Canon Appearances

The Minish Cap (Himekawa)



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