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Blacksmith (The Faces of Evil)

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Faces of Evil Smith.jpg
Gender Male
Family Blacksmith's Daughter (daughter)

The Blacksmith is a character in The Faces of Evil.[citation needed] He is a man Link rescues in Shipwreck Cliff.


The Blacksmith is being held prisoner in a cave in Shipwreck Cliff. His daughter, who Link first rescues from the wreckage, requests that he also save her father as well. Link later finds him chained to the wall, and he begs that Link cut his chains as the Arpagos of the area are driving him insane. Link frees him by striking the chains with his Sword. The Blacksmith then asks Link if he has a Fire Diamond, and uses the one Link found in Firestone Lake to temper his Power Sword into a stronger form, capable of shooting Power Blasts at any time. He then demonstrates its new strength by firing a powerful blast with it.