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Blacksmith (Enemy)

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ZA Blacksmith.png
Habitat(s)Shrine of Fire

Blacksmiths are enemies in Zelda's Adventure.[1]


Two Blacksmiths appear early in the Shrine of Fire. They can both be seen working at some anvils in separate chambers, and immediately threaten and attack Zelda once she appears. Both Blacksmiths attack by throwing spears at Zelda, which they have crafted themselves.[2] They take three hits of the Wand to defeat. The second Blacksmith drops the Shrine's Compass once he is defeated.



  1. "Begone! I, Blacksmith, have my work to do! No time for intruders!" — Blacksmith (Zelda's Adventure)
  2. "Feel the tip of my spears and tell me they are the finest in Tolemac!" — Blacksmith (Zelda's Adventure)