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Big Chuchu

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Big Chuchu
Game(s)The Minish Cap
Dungeon(s)Deepwood Shrine
Temple of Droplets
Weakness(es)Gust Jar

The Big Chuchu is a boss encountered twice in The Minish Cap, once as the boss of the Deepwood Shrine, and guardian of the Earth Element, and once as a mini-boss in the Temple of Droplets.


Big Green Chuchu


The Big Green Chuchu slips its way inside the Deepwood Shrine while Link is inside exploring. The Chuchu is actually a normal-sized Chuchu, but to the Minish, as well as the shrunken Link, it is huge. Link must use the Gust Jar to suck Chu Jelly from the bottom of the Big Green Chuchu. Once enough has been sucked out, the Chuchu will fall over and become susceptible to sword attacks.

The reward for defeating the Big Green Chuchu is a Heart Container and the Earth Element.

Big Green Chuchu (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
Big Green Chuchu Figurine.gif
Appears in Deepwood Shrine. A perfectly ordinary Chuchu. Though not much of an enemy usually, they are terrifying to anyone Minish-sized.

Big Blue Chuchu


The Big Blue Chuchu makes its appearance while inside the Temple of Droplets, the fourth dungeon of The Minish Cap. The battle with this Chuchu is won the same as the one Link fought in the Deepwood Shrine, but this Chuchu is more electrified. Unlike the battle against the Big Green Chuchu, the Big Blue Chuchu is a mini-boss, whereas the Big Green Chuchu is the boss in Deepwood Shrine. Wait until the electricity around the base of the Blue Chuchu is short circuited, then attack with the Gust Jar. After defeating the Big Blue Chuchu, Link will be rewarded with the Flame Lantern, allowing him to go further into the dungeon.

Big Blue Chuchu (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
File:Big Blue Chuchu Figurine.gif
Appears in the Temple of Droplets. An ordinary blue Chuchu. Fighting him while Minish-sized is daunting, just try to avoid that electric attack.


  • Despite it being a mini-boss, the battle with the Big Blue Chuchu uses the background music normally used with dungeon bosses. This may be because the Big Blue Chuchu is modeled after the Big Green Chuchu, or because unlike the game's other mini-bosses, it is a unique enemy. Its figurine is also found in the portion of the in-game list reserved for bosses.
  • When the Big Green Chuchu falls in, the blobs appear to resemble a Zol.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 大チュチュ緑
Big Green Chuchu
Big Blue Chuchu
French-speaking countries French Blob Vert Géant
Blob Bleu Géant
Giant Blob
Giant Blue Blob
Federal Republic of Germany German Grüner Riesenschleim
Blauer Riesenschleim
Giant Green Slime
Giant Blue Slime
Italian Republic Italian Grande Chu Chu verde
Grande Chu Chu blu
Big Green Chu Chu
Big Blue Chu Chu
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Gran chuchu verde
Gran chuchu azul
Same as above

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