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Big Bomb

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Big Bomb
Big Bomb.png
A Big Bomb from Four Swords Adventures

Big Bomb are traps and items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Location and Uses

Four Swords Adventures

Big Bombs are a dangerous type of Bomb in Four Swords Adventures. Big Bombs are dropped by Shadow Link and found as traps within Treasure Chests.[2] Big Bombs explode after 10 seconds and blast the entire area. If the Links are hit by its blast, they will be defeated instantly and must escape to another screen to survive.[3] The Links can also avoid its blast by escaping into a hole,[4] walking into a Cave or diving underwater.[5]

Tri Force Heroes

When one of the Links wears the Big Bomb Outfit, all Bombs and Bomb Flowers a Link uses turn into Big Bombs, which have an increased blast radius and inflict double damage. Bombs have a blast radius that reaches one level above or below, while Big Bombs reach two levels above or below.



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