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Big Blin

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Big Blin
ST Big Blin Artwork.png
Other Media
Habitat(s)Pirate Ships
Pirate Hideout
Take 'Em All On!
Effective Weapon(s)Sword

Big Blins are enemies that appear in Spirit Tracks, fought as mini-bosses during any pirate invasion (either in the Ocean Realm by a Pirate Ship, or elsewhere on land by a Tank) and also within the Take 'Em All On! minigame, and as a final obstacle during the Pirate Hideout minigame. They are giant, club-wielding Moblin-like creatures that resemble Club Moblins from Ocarina of Time.


ST Big Blin Model.png

Big Blins can take a lot of punishment, and are capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to Link. Their swings can send Link flying a great distance, and knock him dizzy. To defeat them, Link must take advantage of their slow reaction speed by darting in, attacking, and running away before the designated Big Blin swings its club. If a Big Blin traps one of Link's passengers, it will send him to the Pirate Hideout; but if Link has not unlocked the tracks to the Pirate Hideout yet, it will be game over.

Their long club swings can injure and kill their own, for example, when Big Blin destroys his minion Miniblins on the Spirit Train in the Ocean Realm. Another example is in the Take 'Em All On gauntlet, when Link fights three Big Blins, and they injure one another with their wide swings and backswings.

Non-Canon Appearances

Hyrule Warriors Legends

In Hyrule Warriors Legends, Big Blins appear as Captains, often in the ranks of the Dark Forces. In "A New Disturbance", Big Blins are attacking Windfall Island. When Link and Tetra repel their advance, morale boosted Big Blins known as Ruffians begin advancing towards Windfall Island and appear as reinforcements in the Forsaken Fortress keeps until the keeps are captured. The Big Blins also drive off the Helmaroc King to take over the Forsaken Fortress.

When defeated, Big Blins may drop Big Blin Hides or Big Blin Clubs as their Bronze and Silver Materials, respectively.

Stone Blin

Stone Blins are stronger variants of Big Blins. They have an alternate color scheme to Big Blins and wear stone armor. They also wield a stone club instead of the Big Blins' metal club. In A New Disturbance, a Stone Blin known as the Boss Blin is the leader of the monster forces trying to take over the Forsaken Fortress from the Helmaroc King.

When defeated, Stone Blins may drop Stone Blin Bucklers or Stone Blin Helmets as their Bronze and Silver Materials, respectively.


  • Big Blins wear Pirate Necklaces around their necks. They are not collectible spoils, normally. However, if pirates from Tanks or Pirate Ships board the Spirit Train while a passenger is on board (after the Pirate's Prisoner has been rescued from the Pirate Hideout), successfully fending them off will result in Link getting a Pirate Necklace.
  • The name "Big Blin" was likely conceived to contrast with "Miniblin". Its Japanese name, オヤブリン (Oyaburin), is the same as the Japanese name of the King Moblin from Link's Awakening.
  • While Moblins that appear after the Great Flood are pig-like, Big Blins in Spirit Tracks have a bulldog-like appearance, akin to the Moblins from the original The Legend of Zelda game.
  • Big Moblins in the PAL version of Nintendo Land are also known as Big Blins.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オヤブリン (Oyaburin) Boss Blin
French Republic FrenchEU Gros Blin
Federal Republic of Germany German Moblin-Piratenboss Moblin Pirate Chief
Italian Republic Italian Gran Blin


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