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Benny is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Benny is a Hylian woman who can be found on a small mesa in northeastern Hyrule Field near Rebonae Bridge. If Link speaks to her, she is surprised by his appearance and comments that it is rare to run into another person there.[1] Link then asks Benny who she is and she explains that she is a traveling adventurer.[2] Benny continues to talk about how it is dangerous there because of the monsters,[3] but feels that it is worth it because of the treasure she finds.[4] She then tells Link that high vantage points are great for spotting things of interest,[5] encouraging him to survey the area from the top of the rock behind her.[6] If Link talks to Benny again, she again reminds him that looking from somewhere high up is the best way to find something.[7] She then tells Link that he can take any of the nearby Cooking ingredients he wants and use her Cooking Pot.[8]


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