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Link obtaining a Piece of Heart atop a Beanstalk
Use(s) Reaching clouds

Beanstalks are objects in The Minish Cap.[citation needed]

Location and Uses

Beanstalks are plants which allow Link to access the tops of the clouds. They appear at first as newly-sprouted Beans. Only through Kinstone Fusions with certain characters in the game will allow them to fully grow.[1] At the top of the Beanstalks, Link can find a number of rewards ranging from Rupees to Pieces of Heart.

There are a total of five Beanstalks to grow in the game. They can be found in the Eastern Hills, Mount Crenel, the Western Wood, the Wind Ruins, and in Lake Hylia.


  • While some have been shown to have been planted by characters (most being Minish) in the game, it is unknown why others are there.[2]

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