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Bass Guitarmos Knights

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Bass Guitarmos Knight
CoH Bass Guitarmos Knights Artwork.png
Reward(s)Bass Guitar

The Bass Guitarmos Knights are a Boss in Cadence of Hyrule.[1]


The Bass Guitarmos Knights are loosely based on the Armos Knights from A Link to the Past, but wield bass guitars instead of Swords and Shields.


Bass Guitarmos KnightsGuitarmos Knight
TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseベースギタアモスナイト (Bēsu Gitāmosu Naito)
ギタアモスナイト (Gitāmosu Naito)
Bass Guitarmos Knights
People's Republic of ChinaChineseSI贝斯吉他阿默斯骑士 (Bèisī Jítā Āmòsī Qíshì)
吉他阿默斯骑士 (Jítā Āmòsī Qíshì)
Bass Guitarmos Knights
Republic of China, Hong Kong and MacaoChineseTR吉他阿默斯騎士 (Jítā Āmòsī Qíshì)
Bass Guitarmos Knights
貝斯吉他阿默斯騎士 (Bèisī Jítā Āmòsī Wíshì)
CanadaFrenchCAGrand Guitarmos
Grand Guitarmos Basse
Grand Guitarmos Basse
French RepublicFrenchEUGrand Guitarmos
Grand Guitarmos Basse
Grand Guitarmos Basse
Federal Republic of GermanyGermanBass-Gitarmos-Ritter
Italian RepublicItalianGuerriero bassarmos
Guerriero chitarmos
Republic of KoreaKorean기타아모스 나이트 (Gitaamoseu Naiteu)
Bass Guitarmos Knights
베이스 기타아모스 나이트 (Beiseu Gitaamoseu Naiteu)
Kingdom of SpainSpanishEUArmos max guitarrista
Armos max bajista
Armos max bajista
Community of Latin American and Caribbean StatesSpanishLAArmos max bajista
Armos max guitarrista
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