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Barrel Shoot

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Barrel Shoot
Location(s)Spectacle Isle
Game(s)The Wind Waker
Main PrizePiece of Heart, Treasure Charts
Cost50 Rupees

Barrel Shoot is a mini-game featured in The Wind Waker.

Location and Rules

The minigame is found on Spectacle Isle, where it is run by Salvatore, who also runs the Squid-Hunt mini-game on Windfall Island. The objective is to hit a series of floating barrel targets in the sea by using the cannon. Because each target is separated from the cannon to a different distance, Link has to adjust the angle of his shots, and he can determine how close he is to hitting a target by checking the projectile's landing spot. However, he must not make too many mistakes like this, since he only has 10 opportunities. If Link destroys all the targets, he will receive a Piece of Heart for the first win, Treasure Chart #17 for the second successful run, and 100 Rupees for every further win.

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