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BotW Banji Model.png

Banji is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Banji lives inside the Tabantha Bridge Stable and offers directions to travelers.[1] If asked about the east, she speaks about Ludfo's Bog, an area with constant thunderstorms.[2] She considers the storm clouds to be a sign from Hylia to stay away.[3] When asked about the south, she tells Link about the Tamio River and Satori Mountain, claiming there's a legend about a "lord" over all living things as well as a god who watches over the Stables, which her aunt told them stories about.[4] For the west, she tells Link that beyond the Tabantha Bridge lies the Rito Village,[5] and also warns him about the Divine Beast Vah Medoh which recently appeared above Rito Village.[6] She will also tell Link of Konba, a man north of the Stable who loves to race, and asks Link to visit him and humor his passion.[7]


  1. โ†‘ "If you need directions, just ask me. Any direction you want to know about?" โ€” Banji (Breath of the Wild)
  2. โ†‘ "[About the east.] The east huh? The east... Yeah... My aunt always tells me I should travel all over while I'm still young... But that Ludfo's Bog isn't a place anyone should travel to in my opinion. It's had a constant cover of black storm clouds since long before my aunt was born." โ€” Banji (Breath of the Wild)
  3. โ†‘ "If you ask me, it's a sign from Hylia herself telling us not to go there. And I don't want to make Hylia angry..." โ€” Banji (Breath of the Wild)
  4. โ†‘ "[About the south.] South, huh? My aunt used to tell us some crazy stories about that area. About how past Tamio River, on Satori Mountain, there lived a lord with dominion over all living things... It's an old legend that she tells the children before bedtime, even today. She also tells them about "the god who watches over the stables." Pfft..." โ€” Banji (Breath of the Wild)
  5. โ†‘ "[About the west.] Ah, the west... If you head west, you'll spot the namesake of our stable, the Tabantha Great Bridge. If you cross the bridge and follow the road, you'll eventually get to Rito Village, where the Rito people live. It's a REALLY long walk to Rito Village, though, so you'll definitely want to bring some snacks." โ€” Banji (Breath of the Wild)
  6. โ†‘ "But...have you seen that THING? That...that creepy bird in the sky? It suddenly appeared above Rito Village and won't go away. If you're going there, you should be careful. Who knows what's going on there." โ€” Banji (Breath of the Wild)
  7. โ†‘ "[About the north...] The north? Oh, right... On the other side of Mount Rhoam, there's an odd lad named Konba who loves challenging strangers to a race. He must be REALLY bored. It might be nice of you to pay him a visit." โ€” Banji (Breath of the Wild)