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Mail Service Employee (TWW)
Race Hylian
Gender Male[1]
Era Era of the Hero of Time
Era of the Great Sea
Family Kashiko (mother)[2]

Baito,(TWW)[3] also known as the Man on a Roof,(OoT)[4] and Part-Timer,(MM)[5] is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.


Ocarina of Time

The Man on a Roof can be found sitting on the roof of Granny's Potion Shop in Kakariko Village in Ocarina of Time. He spends all day staring at Death Mountain. The man can only be reached by using the Hookshot, in which he will reward Link a Piece of Heart.[6]

Majora's Mask

The Part-Timer can be seen working at the Trading Post after 10 p.m., but is also found during the day in Termina Field trying to catch three red Rupees on a tree near the Astral Observatory. If Link rolls into the tree, the Part-Timer will fall and hit the ground, dropping the three Rupees and claiming that he stole it from a crow.[7]

When the Man from Trading Post leaves (presumably to work at the Curiosity Shop), he leaves the Trading Post in the care of the Part-Timer. He has no interest in his job, committing little effort into memorizing the stock or behaving cordially to patrons.[8] However, he is susceptible to Masks: if Link wears the Zora Mask, the Part-Timer mistakes Zora Link for Mikau and states that he too is in a band.[9] He also claims that he wants to attend The Indigo-Go's concert in the Milk Bar during the Carnival of Time.[10] When Link wears the Deku Mask, he ignores Deku Link.[11] When he wears the Stone Mask, Part-Timer wonders why the Trading Post has so much money if business is so slow.[12] When Link wears the Couple's Mask, he will show a desire to find a girlfriend and get married.[13] When Link wears the Postman's Hat, he says how he entered a contest for some concert tickets and is wondering if he is there to deliver them.[14]

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, Baito can be first seen trying to apply for the Letter Sorting job, wandering around Dragon Roost Island after Link completes the Dragon Roost Cavern. He is eventually hired at the Island Postal Service after Koboli, impressed by Link's contribution to the mail sorting, decides to hire a permanent assistant. In addition to his regular duties, he allows Link to sort letters as a mini-game, where the young hero is challenged to sort at least 25 letters.

If Link manages to sort 25 or more letters, Baito will ask him to put a Letter in the mail to his mother talking about how great Link is. Some time after sending the letter, Link will receive a reply from Baito's mother, Kashiko,[2] with a Piece of Heart inside. Due to Link's impressive mail-sorting abilities, Baito will compliment Link and praise him with any opportunity he gets.

Baito (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
TWW Baito Figurine Model.png
Birthplace: Unknown
Personality: Earnest

Baito is very earnest when it comes to mastering a job. He often misses his mother and gets homesick, which can be quite hard on him.

He wants to be like Link.


  • Baito has tribal tattoos on his body, notably one on his back that resemble an Eye Symbol.
  • Zauz from Phantom Hourglass, who distinguishes himself in the game as a Cobble descendant, has a look nearly similar to that of Baito: both have auburn hair, are bare-chested, wear shorts, and boast tribal tattoos.


Baito's Japanese name is a contraction of the Japanese word, アルバイト (Arubaito), which is borrowed from the German word Arbeit, meaning "job."

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese バイト (Baito) From バイト, slang for "part-time job"
French-speaking countries French Le Commis de la Poste The Clerk of the Post
Federal Republic of Germany German Beit
Italian Republic Italian Partaim From "part-time"
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Novi



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