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Bags of Rupees are items in Twilight Princess.[1]

Bag of Rupees
Bag of Rupees.png
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Location and Uses

Bags of Rupees can be randomly caught by Link when bobber-Fishing. They contain various Rupees inside.[how many?]


  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name Meaning
  FrenchEU Sac de rubis Same as English
  German Beutel voller Rubine Bag full of Rupees
  Italian Portarupie pieno Full rupee bag
  SpanishEU Bolsa de rupias Same as English

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  1. "You caught a bag of Rupees! You don't know who dropped it, so it's OK to keep it. Open it with   to find out how much is inside!" — N/A (Twilight Princess)