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Astral Observatory

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Astral Observatory
MM3D Astral Observatory (Exterior).png
Astral Observatory exterior in Majora's Mask 3D
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The Astral Observatory is a small building outside the walls of Clock Town in Majora's Mask.

Features and Overview

The Observatory is home to a giant telescope, which is able to view the entire landscape of Termina, and also serves as the hideout of the Bombers.[1] Although the Observatory is located in Termina Field, the building is entirely fenced in, preventing entry through normal means outside. The primary way to get there is through a hidden passage in East Clock Town.

The passage to the Observatory is guarded by one of the 6 children of the Bombers, who must be told a 5-digit password in order for Link to gain entry. The password is acquired by popping the balloon in North Clock Town, talking to Jim, finding every member of the Bombers hidden throughout town, and proceeding to tell the password to the Bomber guarding the passageway. Once Link regains his Hylian form and returns to the First Day, he can play the game again to reenter the underground tunnels.

Once Link enters the tunnels, he must go through a small sewer, defeat a Skulltula, destroy another balloon, then go up the ladder leading to the observatory itself.

Link can also use a Deku Flower in Termina Field to enter the Observatory, although curiously it is not present during the Retrieval of the Ocarina of Time.

At the entrance, Link can meet the famous dancing Scarecrow. Upstairs, the hero will find the astronomer named Professor Shikashi with the huge telescope overlooking Termina Field.[2] There is a Moon's Tear encased in a glass next to the telescope, and upon checking it, Professor Shikashi comments on how he finds the stones falling from the Moon's eyes, and how they have been falling recently.[3] By using the telescope to gaze at the Moon, Link can obtain his own Moon's Tear, which is required to start the Deku Flower Trading Quest. Through the telescope, Link can also see two men waving at him, signifying the presence of holes in the ground that he can venture into. Another man can also be seen in a tree, trying to grab 40 Rupees.


  • The two men that wave at Link through the telescope closely resemble the man within the Oceanside Spider House, and the sons of the Cursed Rich Man from Ocarina of Time. It is likely that they are the Terminan counterparts of the latter, although any relationship to the former is unknown.
  • On the First and Second Days, the Skull Kid will taunt Link and fly away if he looks at him through the telescope. However, on the Final Day, the Skull Kid will simply direct his gaze towards the encroaching Moon.



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  2. "Are you here to do something for me? I am Shikashi, professor of astronomy!" — Professor Shikashi (Majora's Mask)
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TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 天文観測所 (Tenmonkansokujo) Celestial Observatory
French-speaking countries French Observatoire Céleste Celestial Observatory
Canada FrenchCA Observatoire céleste (MM3D) Celestial observatory
Federal Republic of Germany German Observatorium Observatory
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Observatorio Astronómico Astronomic Observatory
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Observatorio astronómico (MM3D) Astronomic observatory
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