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This article is an archived theory.
This article is about a popular and longstanding theory in ​The Legend of Zelda​ community that has been proven false. Due to its significance, it has been archived. The contents of this article are not guaranteed to be accurate or concurrent with modern understanding of the series.

Theory Warning

Between the 2D Child, 2D Adult, and 2D Split timelines, few unique specimens have fallen deep in the cracks of the community's forums. Some fans insist that the series still follows a linear timeline, as it did during the release of A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening, and still others believe that there may not be a timeline at all. Because the linear timeline has been all but proven true, some of the theories on this page may be "outdated" - they will remain on this page to show the progress of timeline theories as the series progressed over the years. Below is a listing of all of the community's theories that could not be categorized into the 2D Child, 2D Adult, or the 2D Split disciplines.

Chaltab's Single Timeline (ZL)

SS >< TMC - OoT/MM - TP - TWW/PH - ST - FS/FSA - OoS/OoA/LA/ALttP - LoZ/AoL

  • The Wind People from TMC are the Sky People from TP.
  • A war broke out days after Ocarina of Time's final scene. Ganondorf tried to obtain the Triforce and was captured and executed, resurrected, and sealed in the Twilight realm. It's legend was later appended onto the Seal War.
  • A new Hyrule was founded after the flood, either on a new continent or by the Great Deku Tree's plan.
  • The Dark Mirror from FSA is an attempted replica or re-forging of the Twilight Mirror from TP, and contains the Twili.
  • Tbe Dark World from FSA is the same as the spread of Twilight in the first half of TP.
  • Ganondorf from the Adult Timeline is the Ganondorf of TWW. He circumvents the original seal and a second one is placed on his power via the Master Sword. Then he dies from severe cranial trauma.
  • The Ganondorf of TP is given the Triforce of Power by the sealed Ganon from the Adult Timeline.
  • The 'latter half' of the Seal War was FSA; it's legend was combined with the ancient stories of Ganon forming the version we read in the ALTTP manual. That reincarnated Ganondorf became Ganon upon obtaining the Trident, which is of uncertain origin.
  • Oracle takes place before Link's Awakening and ALTTP; The Wind Fish's dream contains elements of prophecy—Aghanim and the full-fledged return of Ganon.
  • The scroll in AOL's manual was written over several generations and has multiple authors.

Cross Split Timeline






  • This theory is merely a variation, or a different take, on the "Literal Legends" theory.
  • Here, ALttP/OoS/OoA/LA-LoZ/AoL is considered to be a legend on the Child timeline. The people believe these stories to be what happens on the Adult timeline. They believe in the legend that the seal placed on Ganon broke in ALttP.
  • Likewise, MC-FS/FSA is an Adult timeline legend, and what is thought by the people to be what happens on the Child timeline. They believe that, after failing to steal the Triforce, Ganon stole the Trident as a new source of power.

Evolving Ganon Timeline

  • Pre-OoT: SS >< [TMC-FS/FSA]
  • Child: OoT-MM-TP
  • Adult: OoT-ALttP-LA-LoZ-AoL-OoX-WW-PH-ST

Close observation of Minish Cap graphics reveal that the hero of man did NOT wear a cap. All other Zelda games regard the cap as a traditional part of the hero's garb, and it is likely Ezlo himself started that tradition. Thus, TMC is the first game, and its arc the fisrt.

Ganon in FSA was a surprise twist, and therefore it is reasonable to assume that this was his first venture into conquest. It is entirely possible that the demon Ganon was originally bound to the trident Ganondorf found, and was forced to abandon him after Link's defeat.

Ganondorf, recognizing the value of such power, immediately began to consider gathering it anew. The legends of the triforce led him to Hyrule, and the events of OoT took place. When Link was sent back with the knowledge of what was to come, a temporal quirk caused the triforce of courage to go to him, and therfore the other two triforces to go to their owners. Thus the execution of Ganondorf failed, and the Sages locked him away in the twilight realm. Majora, sensing the temporal quirk, manipulated a nearby skull into stealing it from the Happy Mask Salesman, and then further manipulated his in an attempt to get Link and the triforce of courage out of the Hyrule timeline completely by killing him in Termina. This happily failed, partially due to Majora's own insanity but mostly due to Link's efforts, and Link was returned to the timeline where he lived a long and happy life. Later in this history, TP occurs.

In the other timeline, due to Link inadvertently bringing the three triforce pieces together, Zelda was able to wish her land healed and people safe. Unfortunately, this sent the triforce back into the Sacred Realm that Ganondorf was now sealed in. After floating around for a bit, Ganondorf bangs into the triforce of Power again, and the events of ALttP take place. The current king, not wanting to make the same mistake twice, rushes in after Link makes his wish and uses the complete Triforce (successfully, whadaya know!) to wish that the triforce was very difficult to find. Meanwhile, Link has a dream, which is LA.

The king's son is rather annoyed about the whole thing, and asks the current Zelda to tell him where all the triforce bits are. She says no. The LoZ backstory takes place. A few decades later, Ganondorf has regathered all the shards of the triforce of power (probably by tricking loads of people to "sacrifice" anything golden to the dark world), and he bursts forth, kidnapping the current Zelda in full expectation that she has the triforce of wisdom. Which she doesn't, so he's annoyed AGAIN. LoZ takes place, and then AoL takes place.

The new Twinrova pair fly off to distant countries, and Link goes off to chase them. OoX takes place... but the trick here is that Twinrova released both Ganon the demon and Ganondorf the man. Ganon the demon isn't all that intelligent, and Link beats him easily. Ganondorf the man, however, once again steps forward from the temple of time! Everybody realizes this is a bad thing, so the Oracles call upon the godesses to flood the land...

And, centuries later, Wind Waker happens. And then Phantom Hourglass, and then Spirit Tracks. Of course, this theory could be complete nonsense.

Jumbie's Split Gaiden Theory (ZL)

Adult: SS >< TMC - OoT - TWW/PH - ST
Child timeline: SS >< TMC - OoT/MM - TP
Gaiden timeline: SS >< TMC - OoT - ALttP/OoS/OoA/LA/(AST) - FS/FSA - LoZ/AoL

  • The Wind People from TMC are the Sky People from TP.
  • TP's prolonged wars are when the Twili's ancestors were banished, and the same wars from ALttP's manual.
  • In a third timeline, Link is absent when Ganondorf takes the Triforce, so the Seal War unfolds instead.
  • The Dark Mirror from FSA is the Mirror of Twilight from TP.
  • Ganondorf and Vaati have the same right to be reborn as new persons as any other Hyrulean.

KnightofHyrule's Legend Timeline

This timeline recognizes that many games in the series appear to be re-tellings of the same story, reflecting the natural evolution that all legends undergo. As the legend of Zelda is passed down from person to person, it changes, it evolves. These 'legends' are organized in chronological order based on events, and not the games themselves.

Sword of the Sky (TMC, SS) - The Imprisoning War (OoT, FSA) - The Ancient Mask (MM, TP) - The Great Cataclysm (ALttP, TWW, TP) - Shattered Triforce (LoZ, TWW) - Hero of Dreams (LA, PH) - Evil's Resurrection (AoL, OoS/A, ST)

  • ALttP, OoT, FSA & TP all detail different versions of the Imprisoning War.
  • The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess each encompass two legends.
  • Four Swords is not listed, but takes place before the Imprisoning War.

Lexxi's Single Timeline (N/A)

SS - OoT/MM - TP - TWW/PH - ST - LoZ/AoL - OoS/OoA - [TFPRR] - TMC - FS/FSA - ALttP/LA/[AST]

  • OoT is the IW of ALttP. Ganon is removed from the sealed Sacred Realm to be executed in TP, and is revived prior to TWW.
  • The hero in TP either is or predates the one who split the Triforce prior to TWW. All heroes who use the Master Sword are the "Hero of Time," whose title has the dual meaning of "Hero who travels through time" and "Hero who appears throughout time."
  • The KoRL is the prince from the AoL Sleeping Zelda story, and OoT Zelda is the Sleeping Princess. The Triforce of Courage is left in the Great Palace after TWW.
  • The kingdom of LoZ/AoL is founded on the islands of the Great Sea, made larger and brought together by the Deku Tree, and christened with the Triforce’s blessing at the end of AoL.
  • The Light Force is a powerful Force Gem introduced after the Triforce leaves the new Hyrule.
  • A new Master Sword is forged in OoA by the Zoras.
  • The Triforce returns to the Sacred Realm after OoS/OoA.
  • The Dark Mirror in FSA is a forgery of the Mirror of Twilight.
  • OoT is the IW of ALttP, and TP’s prolonged wars are the wars told as leading up to the IW.
  • The demon Ganon is one entity throughout the entire series, taking on multiple incarnations over time.
  • The Four Sword is sealed in the Sacred Realm by the maidens after FSA. This accounts for Ganon's appearance there in ALttP.

NOTE: This timeline is purely personal, and does not adhere to traditional "canon." See “Lexxi's New Hylian Kingdom Theory” for this theorist's traditional timeline.

Petenu's "Timeblob" Timeline (ZW)

This timeline theory can be reduced to the fundamental statement "any apparent chronological dependencies from one game to another are entirely coincidental."

To elaborate upon this further, the theory posits that when writing the plot and script for any given game, the developers either (a) make numerous dumb mistakes when trying to fit it into the plots of existing games, or (b) don't really care. In essence, each game exists in isolation, in its own universe, but where the out-of-game events of that universe bear many similarities to the universes of the other games.

This can be represented in the following fashion:

  • Some stuff happened - TMC - Some other stuff happened. Meanwhile, in another universe:
  • Some stuff happened - OoT - Some other stuff happened. Meanwhile, in another universe:
  • Some stuff happened - MM - Some other stuff happened. Meanwhile, in another universe:

...and so on.

The Phantom Timeline (ZI)


SS --- SW - [TMC - FS/FSA - ALttP/OoX/LA - LoZ/AoL]

OoT/MM -- -- -- - TP

The SW is the single-most important topic of debate sustaining the 2D continuum relation to the 3D timeline on either branch. Sadly the confirmation of the Split Timeline has not provided enough flexibility to resolve the many plot holes, considering the termination of Ganondorf’s threats on both AT and CT timeline branches.

This theory states that the FSS can’t serve a means to connect into the classics on the sole basis of the SW being FSA or as a separate event, nor can it sustain that relation if both AT and CT timelines end with overwriting/taking place of OoT-ALttP intent in the first place – which has not been confirmed retconned in any way by the developers, nor can the FSA story revamp indicate FSA-ALttP intent stayed intact. Yet if it is concluded that FSA story was simplified as an act of not confusing ALttP BS and FSS mythos, with OoT in mind, then it can at least be assumed that the ambiguity was meant to do just that. Thus FSA serves as a bridge between the SW and ALttP at most.

There are three main elements that make up the SW which OoT perfectly reflects in general terms of ALttP's BS:

1. Ganondorf poses a threat to Hyrule and the SR 2. Ganondorf obtains the Triforce in some way shape or form 3. The Sages contain Ganondorf's evil threats

FSA does not match up with the SW because the Triforce does not play a role in-game.

Furthermore there are two games, TP and TWW, which reflect ALttP already: The presence of a future Hero arising to defeat the ancient threat (Ganon) that has risen to power again.

One thing FSA does to the series continuity is that it adds another element to Ganon's origins - this being the Trident. It is uncertain who made the Trident, but its purpose seems to ensure another 'demon (mauo) spreads a Dark World (makai) when and if something happens to the former wielder. There has only ever been one individual throughout the series bearing the "King of Darkness/Evil" title, and it can be inferred that the weapon contains the aura/power (not spirit/soul) of its former holder. Regardless of whether Zelda's quote on the 'ancient demon reborn' holds any or no significance in face of NoA translations errors, the Trident's role reflects developer intent of having FSA try to lead off from an absence of a former Ganon-threat somewhere amongst the timeline. With this logic in mind, FSA is liable to go after any game which ends in Ganon/dorfs threat being removed from Hyrule (this of course does not limit Ganon/dorf having to be dead; he could also be contained/sealed away considering the Trident does not hold his spirit/soul in any way). However, FSA cannot lead from or into any of the classic titles related to ALttP because Nintendo ignored sustaining OoT-ALttP intent on AT and CT timeline branches; it simply can’t work because the SW and its versions of ALttP, TWW and TP, already took place.

If others’ logic deduct that by AT and CT endings overwriting/taking place of OoT-ALttP intent remain evident, the SW is justified as being retconned in theory too. FSA nature only adds framework to this hypothesis, but the argument is the foundation for either beliefs. Yet with the addition of another SW tale, one must also assume the existence of a third Ganon in the series - which this theory does not support by presenting this question:

“How does a New SW solves anything but use a 'New Ganon' as a cop-out on ignoring OoT=SW intent, when FSA story simplifications are concluded to NOT confuse ALttP BS with FSS mythos? If the SW is not FSA, how does the story revamp indicate the event was broken from OoT? Furthermore, how then does this relate the rest of the 3D games to the classics when ALttP has/was the only game to ever do so since 1998?”

If indeed the SW is a separate event from OoT, one must conclude that there is a Ganon residing in the Sacred Realm/Dark World during the course of FSA’s events. Thus the Trident must act as a channeling device through the host whom has been enveloped by the aura of the Trident. The Four Sword’s eventual residence in the Dark World causes SW Ganon to merge with FSA Ganon. While the Phantom Timeline supports this function, it argues that if OoT = SW has not been retconned by developer intent, the SW as a separate event does no benefit in using FSA to relate the classics back into the 3D AT and CT continuums. There are simply two Ganons; one of which has to merge/posses the other in order for OoT-ALttP intent to still make sense with the FSS.

This timeline's middle branch is flexible to swing to either AT or CT continuums should newer developer information outright indicate OoT =/= SW anymore, or that there are two SW-stories going on in one timeline branch. Given the majority reasons for why FSA story simplifications occurred, it’s unlikely the developers wanted another SW-related-story confusing players, given its heavy resemblance to ALttP style in every way.

Either the developers wanted the FSS to connect into the classics, OR have FSA (at least) after a game ending in Ganon/dorf's removal from Hyrule. This theory supports that newer 3D titles will not be FS-related. Thus nullifying connections into either AT or CT branches since the FSS are of 2D nature, and also present restriction for future titles - restrictions which the classics imposed with OoT-ALttP intent in the first place.

Three Universe Theory (N/A)

Universe 1
Adult: SS - OoT - TWW/PH - ST
Child: SS - OoT/MM - TP

Universe 2

Universe 3
LoZ/AoL - OoS/OoA

  • Three separate continuities that do not intersect.
  • TMC and FS are notably first in their universes.
  • ALttP's IW is FSA.
  • AoL backstory refers to the first Zelda.

Tounushi's Split Adult Time-Line Theory (N/A)

Adult Time-Line 1: SS - OoT - TWW/PH - ST

Adult Time-Line 2: SS - OoT - ALttP/LA - LoZ/AoL

Child Time-Line : SS - OoT/MM-TP

  • Wind Waker's opening story seems to give a feeling of a "what if" scenario instead of aLttP: Hero of Time seals Ganon (both) Ganon sneaks/breaks his way through the seal (both), Ganon practically conquers Hyrule (tWW) / Link kills Ganon before Hyrule is completely enslaved (aLttP).
  • tMC-FS/FSA continuity gives such a different story (e.g. light force), that the continuity is basically a Gaiden.
  • Oracles is before or after LoZ/AoL. Difficult to exactly bolt the arc down. aLttP just had a major crisis, so the knigdom would've taken many years to recover to the level presented in Oracles. AoL presents a large world that seems to prosper, even only a few years after LoZ, where people were living in caves. Both options have the whole triforce and Ganon is definitely dead.
  • The "city in the sky" is a concept used in tMC and TP, but neither games' cities are related.
  • Whatever races resemble each other in the ATL2 and CTL is due to the fact that both have a common history from the time before OoT.
  • The ancestors of the Twili might've been the first/most powerful of the groups/tribes to lust, search and war for the Sacred Realm. They might've even existed before the building of the Temple of Time, as they DID MANAGE to enter the realm. Afterward the goddesses and the spirits banished them to a world between the Sacred Realm and the Real World: Twilight Realm. The ancient sages built the Temple of Time to prevent this from happening again, at the same time creating the old kingdom of Hyrule to protect the Temple OR granting an earlier kingdom of Hyrule to hold the territory where the Temple resided. This made the kingdom the envy of other races/tribes/kingdoms or even rival nobles within the kingdom, sparking the Hyrulean Civil War. The war may have even lasted for centuries on some level of intensity, before reaching its climax and end right before OoT.
  • Peculiarly, Ganondorf didn't seem to be as interested in reassembling the Triforce in TP as he did in the other games. This would be because he received his Triforce of Power "out of the blue" in the CTL, after the events of OoT, much like Zelda receiving her Triforce of Wisdom. In the ATL, Ganondorf is consumed by his anger and frustration of having the complete Triforce slip from his fingers. Sure, he might've had ambitions to attain the triforce from the beginning, but in ATL, he strived and failed to attain the Triforce, while in CTL he just received it without any effort on his part. As he received this "blessing," he went on a thieving rampage, but was caught and tried before making any serious damage. After harnessing the powers of Twilight, he had no further overriding desire to attain the last pieces of the triforce.
  • The Sealing War is OoT: The story has changed from accurate accounts over the years/centuries, downplaying the Hero of Time and promoting the Hylian Knights (how many could topple an evil kingdom and a demon king ALONE?). The temple of Time was deconstructed and moved OR the Hyrule castle was rebuilt elsewhere, to the east of Kakariko. The Temple dacayed into ruins as a forest grew around it until the Pedestal of Time and the Master Sword were left.

United Wise Men's Timeline (N/A)

SS - OoT/MM - TP - TWW/PH - ST- TMC - FS/FSA - ALttP/LA - LoZ/AoL

  • The hero in TP either is or predates the one who split the Triforce prior to TWW.
  • The Hyrule in the 2D games was formed by the success of the Koroks and Deku Tree in uniting the islands.
  • The Triforce returns to the Sacred Realm after TWW.
  • Ganon is revived in FSA and sealed in the Sacred Realm by the Four Sword.
  • The Triforce is kept by the royal family after ALttP.

NOTE: The council became indifferent over OoX placement, surmising it came either some time after ALttP or around LoZ/AoL

Zero's Timeline

Universe 1: SS - OoT/MM - TP - ALttP - OoS/OoA - LA - TWW/PH - ST - LoZ/AoL Universe 2: TMC - FS -FSA

  • Link does not return to the past in OoT.
  • Link is sent back by the gods to save Termina and is sent back afterward.
  • Link marries Malon and becomes a Knight of Hyrule, as his late father was, and knowing he has only sealed Ganondorf away, dies full of regret and comes to teach his descedant, Twilight Princess Link, his sword skills.
  • ALttP Link is descended from Twilight Princess Link.
  • ALttP Link goes to have a family and his great grandson is the Link of OoS/OoA and LA
  • The Events of the Great Flood occur, the descendant of the OoS/OoA Link becomes one of the survivors of the Great Flood.
  • TWW Link is the descendant of the descendant of the OoS/OoA Link's descendant that became a survivor of the flood.
  • TWW events occur, Hyrule is flooded, then the events of PH occurs. The events of Spirit Tracks occur.
  • The events of the orginal Legend of Zelda occur, soon followed by AoL.
  • The Vaati series is a separate parallel timeline, it is a separate alternative universe.

Single Timeline Theory By Alcoatsue


  • SS has all the proof in the game itself to prove it is first in the timeline
  • OoT is the next because it explains where Zelda Link and Ganondorf got there Triforce pieces and and the end when Link seals Ganondorf in the Golden World it explains why Ganondorf was in the Golden Realm at the Start of LtP
  • MM took place 2 years after OoT because Link was 2years older than he was in OoT where he was 10
  • In LtP Ganondorf is trying to break out of the Golden Realm to take over Hyrule with the help of Agahnim who after Link gets the Master Sword kidnaps Zelda and sends her to the Golden Realm where Link then goes to save her but to do so he has to save the Maidens who are related to the Sages of OoT after Link defeats Ganondorf he turns to dust and stays that way till LoZ
  • In LoZ Link must hunt down the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom that Zelda shattered into 8 pieces to protect it and herself from Ganondorf at the end when Link defeats him once again it clearly shows Ganondorf turning into a pile of ash
  • In AoL someone or something is trying to revive Ganondorf and Zelda placed herself in a deep sleep to try and keep Ganondorf at bay while link in order to stop Ganondorf from being revived must retrieve his Triforce of Courage from the great palace where he placed it after LoZ to protect it but with Link away from it someone was able to attempt to bring Ganondorf back but once Link retrieves his Triforce of Courage the attempts to revive Ganondorf stopped for the time being
  • In OoS and OoA in that order Link saves to lands from Twinrova and there attempts to bring Ganondorf back from his ashes and use the deaths of Onyx and Veran to fuel there efforts and the last thing they needed to do was sacrifice a member of the Royal Family but Link stops Twinrova from doing so and after Link does that Twinrova uses herself as the last ingredient but something goes wrong and Ganondorf does come back but as a mindless raging monster and Link defeats him sending him back to being a pile of ash (I MAY ADD TO GET THE FULL STORY OF OoS/OoA YOU MUST LINK THEM OR YOU ONLY END UP WITH HALF THE STORY)
  • In TP Link lives in a small village in the woods where after some events he gets drug into the Twilight Realm where he meets Midna who frees him in exchange for him helping her hunt down the pieces of the Fused Shadow so she can become Queen of the Twili instead of her brother who has been corrupted by Ganondorf who gave him some power from the Triforce of Power well after Link has gotten all the pieces of the Fused Shadow Zant Midna's brother attacks taking the Fused Shadow and draining Midna of most her power where she almost dies Link takes her to Zelda who give Midna power from the Triforce of Wisdom to stay alive after that link must go after Zant but to do so he must go to the Realm of Twilight and to do that he must head to the Dessert where he learns of the Mirror Of Twilight and how the Sages tried to kill Ganondorf but failed sealed him in the Twilight Realm the Sages tell him he must hunt down the pieces of the Mirror scattered through out Hyrule after Link obtains all the pieces of the Mirror Of Twilight Link then goes into the Twilight Realm and defeats Zant but while Link does this Ganondorf has taken control over Hyrule and Link must stop him witch he succeeds in doing and once done even if does show or say Ganondorf turns once again into ash and is scattered to the wind and Midna now back to her true form becomes Queen of the Twili
  • In MC it takes place after TP and is a small adventure Link and Zelda have while Ganondorf is still ash it starts with a celebration where some evil and demons had been sealed in a box with a sword that had belong to a Knight of Hyrule but Vaati who had taken a hat filled with dark magic of the Sheikah who i believe do to some evidence i had found turned into the Twili but that story is for another time anyway he had taken the hat at used its power to open the box and release the demons in the box and break the sword that held them there and then he petrified Zelda Link then sets off to save her by looking for Vaati where he ends up learning that he must use the sword that Vaati broke to fight him so he must have it fixed well then he has to set off in search for the elements and once he has found all 4 he puts there power in to the sword making it the Four Sword and with it he defeats Vaati but not for long
  • In 4S Link once again goes after Vaati and seals him at the end
  • In 4SA Ganondorf gets a hold of what i believe to be the Mirror Of Twilight and makes shadow links appear fooling Link Zelda and the Maidens into thinking Vaati has escaped so the Zelda and the Maidens advise Link to pull the Four Sword and go after Vaati but when he does Vaati is released and being completely controlled by the dark powers of the hat and blinded by rage he kidnaps the Maidens and Zelda Link then goes after them but because of the sword sitting for so long it has become dull and must be recharged by Force Gems to give it the ability to break the seals of Vaati after link has saved all the Maidens they inform Link that someone else is behind all this after that Link goes and saves Zelda and defeats Vaati for the last time and after he escapes Vaati's palace Ganondorf attacks Link he manages to fend him off but he was not able to destroy him with the Four Sword so the most that could be done was to wound Ganondorf
  • From what i have been able to gather between MC and WW a King of Hyrule had the whole Triforce and had lead Hyrule into a Golden Age but Ganondorf who had not been defeated by MC Link just hurt returned with an army to take the Triforce from the King of Hyrule when Ganondorf attacked the King of Hyrule in a last attempt to protect the Triforce and Hyrule he asked the Goddesses to help by flooding Hyrule well in the proses while Hyrule was flooding and Ganondorf attacking the Triforce of Courage was shattered and the Triforce of Wisdom was broke in two pieces the King of Hyrule kept one and the other he gave to his wife who was fleeing from the battle and Ganondorf got pack his Triforce of Power but with the other two pieces of the Triforce broken and the Master Sword steal in its spot he didn't have his full power because the other pieces need to have a host for him to be back at full power so he waits and while he does WW begins
  • In WW Link runs into a pirate named Tetra when a giant bird kidnaps his sister when they go to save her Link discovers that Ganondorf is behind this in his quest to find Zelda Link is unable to hurt Ganondorf at the time so he is flung off the island where he meets the King Of Red Lions who tells him of the Master Sword but to get it he must find the 3 Goddess pearls after Link finds them he uses them to bring up the Tower Of The Gods from the sea where after he defeats the tower he is granted the ability to get the Master Sword out of Hyrule Castle with is under the sea after he obtains the sword he once again goes after Ganondorf but is shocked to learn is had no power dues to the fact Ganondorf killed the Earth and Wind Sages so the sword would lose its power Tetra jumps in to assist Link and she gets hurt and Link takes her to Hyrule underwater where it is revealed to them both by the King Of Red Lions AKA Past King Of Hyrule the Tetra is in fact Zelda and that Link must now go and find the new Sages of Wind and Earth to recharge the Master Sword after that he must hunt down the pieces of his Triforce and then after word when all that is done he goes after Ganondorf defeating him once again
  • PH was not to long after that when Link and Tetra go after the Ghost Ship and once they board it they go on a strange adventure with to them seems like it took quite a long time but according to Tetra's crew it had only been a few minutes witch lead them to think it was a dream in till they saw that Link still had the Phantom Hourglass
  • A 100 years later in a new land that Link Zelda and her crew had found that i call new Hyrule Link and Zelda had a whole new adventure but I'm not going to explain because it is not apart of the main story



  • In regard to theories suggesting that The Minish Cap and its successors precede Ocarina of Time, it should be noted that the Hyrule is said to have existed as a unified kingdom beneath the Royal Family long before the events of The Minish Cap, as noted by King Gustaf.[1] The Hylian Royal Family is said to have existed for generations at the time of Ocarina of Time,[2] which precedes the assumed decade when Hyrule was unified, though this would have been before Hyrule was united into one nation under their rule.[3] Given that many generations of rulers apparently have ruled Hyrule between Gustaf's reign and the events of The Minish Cap, this has led some to doubt the assertion that The Minish Cap (and by extension its two successors) could precede Ocarina of Time.
  • It is also curious to note that while Twinrova was killed by the Hero of Time in the adult branch of Ocarina of Time, they are never killed in the child branch. The Gerudo witches reappear in the Oracle games, leaving theorists to try to determine which branch the two games fall into, though the inclusion of Twinrova can perhaps offer some insight here as the sisters were not killed in the child branch of Ocarina of Time, leaving them open to future inclusion in that branch certainly and possibly narrowing the proper placement of the Oracle games to being somewhere in the so-called Child Timeline.


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