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Antique Coin

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Antique Coin
TFH Antique Coin.png
Antique Coin icon from Tri Force Heroes
Value 500 Rupees(ST)
200 Rupees(TFH)
Use(s) Making Outfits(TFH)[1]

Antique Coins,(TFH)[1] also known as Ancient Gold Pieces,(ST)[1] are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, Ancient Gold Pieces are Treasures. They were issued by the Bank of Hyrule during an unknown era.[2] A Triforce and the Hylian text for "Hyrule Bank" have been molded on the Coins.

Tri Force Heroes

Antique Coins are Materials used to make the Linebeck's Uniform and Rupee Regalia Outfits.[1] They can be collected by completing Levels and Drablands Challenges in the Fortress Area, winning Coliseum battles in the Fortress Level, purchased from the Street Merchant, and won at Daily Riches.


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