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ST Anjean Artwork.png
Protector of the Tower of Spirits
Other media
Voice actor(s)
Rie Takahashi

Anjean (pronounced /Γ¦nˈdΚ’iːn/, an-JEEN)[citation needed] is a character in Spirit Tracks.[2] She is a member of the Lokomo people and is the protector of the Tower of Spirits, the central hub of the Spirit Tracks, whose goal is to prevent the evil Malladus from breaking free of his imprisonment.[3] Anjean provides the Spirit Train, which Link and Princess Zelda use along their quest. Anjean was also a very close friend with Tetra after she met her shortly after the feisty pirate arrived to the land that would become the next Hyrule.[4] As a result of their strong friendship, Anjean gave Tetra the sacred instrument known as the Spirit Flute, but only under the condition that she and her descendants would use it to protect the land.[5]

As the guardian of the Tower of Spirits, Anjean plays a major role in the game, providing both Link and Zelda with helpful advice on how to help restore the Spirit Tracks and destroy the Malladus, the Demon King, once and for all. She is also the character that supplies most of the background information about the Lokomo, the Spirit Flute, and the Spirit Tracks. One of Anjean's most notable abilities is her skill to telepathically communicate with others, which she does with frequency to aid the young heroes in their quest.


Anjean is first introduced in the game after Link and Zelda arrive to the Tower of Spirits for the first time. Here, she elaborates to the young duo how Malladus is being imprisoned by the use of the energy that the Spirit Tracks provide between the tower and the four temples, keeping the Demon King's prison in tact.[6] Moreover, she reveals that in order for Malladus to truly resurrect, he needs Princess Zelda's physical body to act as a vessel.[7] Anjean charges Link and Zelda with the task of restoring the Spirit Tracks to the Tower of Spirits to fortify the Malladus's prison and thus prevent the resurrection of the Demon King.[8] After Link and Zelda successfully retrieve the first Rail Map, Anjean explains that they must travel to the different realms of Hyrule and ask for her people's help, the Lokomos, so that they can aid them by playing their sacred instruments and thus reveal the Spirit Tracks leading to the temples.[9] She then lends to Link and Zelda the Spirit Flute, which is one of the sacred instruments needed to restore the tracks, as well as the Spirit Train to help them travel easily between realms.[10][11]

Anjean's first appearance in Spirit Tracks

After Link and Zelda retrieve the Fire Rail Map from the Tower of Spirits, they are confronted by Byrne, and just as he is about to attack the pair, Anjean shows up and stops him.[12] As Anjean affronts Bryne, it is revealed that he used to be an apprentice of Anjean, but left her teachings once he found out that the Spirits of Good would never provide him with any more power, thus pushing him towards joining in the resurrection of Malladus. Anjean, ashamed of his recent actions since the spirits sent them to protect the land, calls him an "unworthy apprentice," for no matter how many times she corrected his behavior, he would never listen to her.[13] After Byrne explains his reasoning behind his actions, Anjean gives up hope in convincing him otherwise and urges the princess and Link to hurry to the Fire Temple, warping them to the entrance of the Tower of Spirits while she ensues in combat against Byrne.[14]

Once Malladus resurrects and escapes with Cole to the Dark Realm using the Demon Train, Anjean appears again, seemingly unharmed from her battle with Byrne, although she mentions she was not able to best him since he had gotten stronger.[15] Princess Zelda then asks her if there is a way to force Malladus out of her body, and Anjean mentions that the Bow of Light, which was used in the Spirit War between the Spirits of Good and the Demon King, could drive Malladus's spirit out from Zelda's body.[16] To reach the Sand Temple, the location of the sacred bow, she gives the young duo a Force Gem, revealing Spirit Tracks to the Sand Sanctuary and thus sending them to their next task.

Anjean entrusts the Lokomo Sword to Link

With the Bow of Light in hand, Zelda and Link return to Anjean, and although Anjean tried to find where Malladus and Cole had gone to, she could not pinpoint their exact location.[17] Byrne, who had been left in the care of Anjean after he was betrayed and injured by the Demon King and Cole, tells them to find the Compass of Light beneath the altar of the Tower of Spirits, which reveals the location of the Demon Train within the Dark Realm.[18] Before Link departs to find the compass, Anjean gives the young hero the legendary Lokomo Sword.[19] Although only spirits had wielded the sword before, she trusts the Lokomo Sword to Link, saying that he is the one who is meant to wield it.[20]

After the defeat of the Demon Train, Anjean wishes to accompany Link and Zelda on their battle against Malladus.[21] However, since her wounds from her battle against Byrne are still fresh, Princess Zelda urges Anjean to rest, for she and Link will face Malladus alone.[22][23] At the least, Anjean provides Zelda a Phantom to aid Link in their upcoming battle, where she gives them their blessing and tells them to go forward with caution.[24]

Anjean is last seen once the young duo defeat the Demon King: seeing how their protection is no longer needed, Anjean and the rest of the Lokomos depart to the heavens, entrusting Link and Zelda to watch over the land in their stead.[25] Anjean's vehicle is last seen in Princess Zelda's office during the ending sequence.

Non-Canon Appearaces

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Anjean appears as a Trophy.

Trophy Information

# Trophy Appears in Description How to unlock
235 SSB3DS Anjean Trophy Model.png N/A Spirit Tracks An ancient wisewoman and guardian of the spirit tower. She is the leader of the Lokomo and was once Byrne's teacher. Anjean provides guidance to the young hero and engineer, Link, as he tries to stop Chancellor Cole's plot to resurrect the Demon King. Random


  • It is implied that Anjean's sacred instrument is the Spirit Flute. However, she no longer owns it as she gave it to the current Princess Zelda's great-great grandmother, Tetra, who was a very close friend to Anjean.
  • Anjean has a hairstyle very similar to Tetra, the incarnation of Princess Zelda one hundred years prior to Spirit Tracks. She is also usually seen with a winking expression, a habit she shares with Tetra.
  • Anjean's name sounds similar to engine, as in train engine.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese シャγƒͺン (Sharin) Wheel
Canada FrenchCA Axelle
French Republic FrenchEU Dame Bicelle
Federal Republic of Germany German Shiene From "Schiene" (train track)
Italian Republic Italian Doruotea
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Radiel Comes from the word "Radiante" (radiant)



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