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Ancient Saddle

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Ancient Saddle
BotW Ancient Saddle Icon.png

The Ancient Saddle is an item in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

The Ancient Saddle is a Saddle made from ancient Sheikah technology that is exclusive to The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack.[1] It is located inside a metal Treasure Chest that is embedded in the ground at Malanya Spring in the Faron Region. Link can learn of its location through the Super Rumor Mill V3 at the Highland Stable.[2] When equipped, Link is capable of Whistling to Warp his Horse nearly anywhere that a Horse can be present,[1] even if the Horse is out of earshot and would not be able to run to Link's location. As with other Saddles, the Ancient Saddle cannot be equipped to Epona or the Giant Horse.

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    A mysterious saddle made with forgotten ancient technology. Equip a horse with this and use BotW D-Pad Down Icon to call them even when they are far away.
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  2. "[Read.] I've loved rumors since before I was born. In fact, I was the first to report on my rumored birthday! Traysi here!

    This time I've got a juicy bite of gossip I've been dying to share!

    Ancient horse gear is real, and it's FABULOUS!

    Apparently, there's some incredible horse gear from Hyrule's distant past. I'm talking the long, long ago, folks!

    A bridle that increases your horse's skill and a saddle that can instantly summon your horse to your side.

    The bridle is south of Hyrule Ridge, beneath a cherry blossom tree at a mountain where creatures gather.

    The saddle is at a mysterious spring where a horse spirit resides.

    At leas, that's what the rumors say. Sounds like the ancients liked to horse around. I NEED that gear!

    Traysi's Recommendation: ★★★★★
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