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Ancient Hyrulean Number-Letter Code

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A book explaining how the Number-Letter Code works
The Ancient Hyrulian Number-Letter Code is a code mentioned in The Shadow Prince. It is first introduced after the King of Hyrule says he wishes to show the Triforce of Wisdom to Charles.[1] Outraged by the king's decision, Link turns to Impa, who tells him to not act rashly and to think this through.[2] To help him make the decision on what he should, Impa hands the young hero a piece of paper that contains a one-word message written in the ancient number-letter code.[3]

According to the book, the Ancient Hyrulian Number-Letter Code works as follows: each letter of the alphabet has a number that matches it. A=0, B=1, and so forth; however, in old Hyrule, the number system was in base 2, or binary. Thus, each of the numbers in the message are the base 2 numbers that match the Hyrulian alphabet:

Letter Base 10 Base 2
A 0 0
B 1 1
C 2 10
D 3 11
E 4 100
F 5 101
G 6 110
H 7 111
I 8 1000
J 9 1001
K 10 1010
L 11 1011
M 12 1100
N 13 1101
O 14 1110
P 15 1111
Q 16 10000
R 17 10001
S 18 10010
T 19 10011
U 20 10100
V 21 10101
W 22 10110
X 23 10111
Y 24 11000
Z 25 11001

The message that Link must decipher contains the following numbers:

10010, 10011, 0, 1011, 100, 101, 1110, 10001, 1011

When translated, it advises Link to "FORESTALL," meaning to wait. Whether Link decides to forestall or act forthwith does not greatly affect the outcome of the book.

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