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Ancient Arrow

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Ancient Arrow
BotW Ancient Arrow Icon.png
Other media
Ancient Arrow:
90 Rupees
2 Ancient Screws
1 Ancient Shaft
1 Arrow
Ancient Arrow x3:
250 Rupees
6 Ancient Screws
3 Ancient Shafts
3 Arrows
Ancient Arrow x5:
400 Rupees
5 Ancient Springs
5 Ancient Shafts
5 Arrows
Use(s) Dealing high damage to Guardians (BotW)
Instantly defeating enemies (BotW)
Comparable Item(s) Arrow
Light Arrow

Ancient Arrows are items in Breath of the Wild.

Location and Uses

Breath of the Wild

Hyrule Compendium Entry

349 (354) Ancient Arrow
BotW Hyrule Compendium Ancient Arrow.png
An arrow created using ancient technology. To be struck with one is to be consigned to oblivion in an instant. It deals devastating damage—even against Guardians.
Common Locations
Hyrule Field
Additional Effects
The ancient arrowhead deals massive damage.

Ancient Arrows are a special type of Arrow designed specifically for defeating Guardians. There are a total of 9 Treasure Chests containing Ancient Arrows, all found at Hyrule Castle. Three of them contain one Ancient Arrow, five of them contain a bundle of 3 Ancient Arrows, and one contains a bundle of 5 Ancient Arrows. Link can also create them in exchange for Ancient Materials, Arrows, and Rupees by using the Ancient Oven, Cherry, at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. They can purchased individually, in bundles of three or five Arrows. Ancient Arrows deal moderate damage to Bosses, but heavy damage to Guardians. If an Ancient Arrow strikes a Guardian directly in the eye, the Guardian is instantly defeated. If used on enemies other than Guardians and Bosses, the enemy and its Weapons vanish. Enemies that vanish due to the Ancient Arrow will also not drop any Materials. Ancient Arrows do not disappear after being shot at an object, allowing Link to retrieve them if he misses an enemy. Ancient Arrows will penetrate and stick to certain objects, such as wood, and certain Materials, such as Hylian Shrooms. Ancient Arrows can cause ice blocks made from the Cryonis Rune to vanish. Ancient Arrows can also be used to instantly dispatch Divine Beast Vah Medoh's Cannons. Ancient Arrows are one of the only means of defeating Dark Beast Ganon, alongside the Light Arrows from the Bow of Light and Twilight Bow as well as Sword Beams from the Master Sword.

Other Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

An Ancient Arrow, alongside the Ancient Bow, appears as Link's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. When activated, Link pulls out the Ancient Bow and shoots an Ancient Arrow, launching with great knockback any opponent trapped in its range.


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