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Ambrosia Lite

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Ambrosia Lite
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Ambrosia Lite is an item in The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics.[1]

Location and Uses

It is a Calatia special that is brewed on Arn and Medilia's farm.[2][3] It is first introduced in a bonus part of Issue #5. Link is a fan of it.[4] The beverage is consumed by both humans and monsters,[5] and an advertisement indicates that it is a warrior's drink. The advertisement also displays a Daira in a suggestively provocative position.

In Nintendo Comics System Issue #7, the second bonus story titled The Perfect Date 2 covers a rather disastrous date with Link and Princess Zelda, in which Link engages in a bar fight after a Daira knocks over his Ambrosia Lite.[1]


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