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Altar of the Mountain Goddess

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Altar of the Mountain Goddess
Altar of the Mountain Goddess.png
Kagoron prays to the Mountain Goddess at the Altar of the Mountain Goddess in Spirit Tracks.
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The Altar of the Mountain Goddess is the name given to a special shrine and altar built to honor the titular Mountain Goddess, the guardian deity of the Goron race that occupies the Mountain of Fire that comprises much of the Fire Realm in the re-established land of Hyrule in Spirit Tracks. It is located just to the northwest of Goron Village, through several passes filled with rolling boulders and across a lake of lava.


It is here that the Gorons' chief ambassador to the goddess, Kagoron, comes to pay homage to the deity and ask for her aid in times of distress for the Gorons. The altar is a sanctified place amongst the Goron tribe that few are permitted to visit, though an exception is made when the mountain suddenly becomes violent and unstable and the young hero Link comes to the village seeking information on the Fire Sanctuary. Due to the recent eruptions that have blocked off the part of the village where the elder lives, the Gorons tell Link to visit Kagoron at the Altar of the Mountain Goddess to seek his advice on how to proceed in his quest. Link passes through the many dangers to reach the altar and meets with Kagoron, who gives him a freight car for his train in order to bring Mega Ice to the village to stem the lava flows that have blocked off the village to some of its residents.