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Alfonzo's Train

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Alfonzo's Train
ST Link and Alfonzo Artwork.png
Alfonzo and Link next to Alfonzo's train
Use(s) Transportation
Comparable Object(s) Spirit Train

Alfonzo's Train is, as its name suggests, the train owned and operated by Alfonzo, a Royal Engineer from Spirit Tracks. It is a simple train made of wood, featuring only an engine and passenger car.

At the beginning of the game Link uses this train to travel with Alfonzo to Hyrule Castle to attend his graduation ceremony. It is later used to escort Princess Zelda to the Tower of Spirits; during the trip, however, the Spirit Tracks vanish from beneath the train and the tower itself breaks apart, rendering the train inoperable and setting the stage for the rest of Link's adventure.

After Chancellor Cole reveals himself as a demon and makes off with Zelda's vacant body, Alfonzo's train is neither seen nor mentioned throughout the rest of the game, while Link and Zelda resort to using the Spirit Train to travel across Hyrule. However, later in Link's quest, he is able to purchase a set of Wooden Train cars from Linebeck III, which appear identical to Alfonzo's train.