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Akkala Highlands

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Akkala Highlands
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Main Appearance(s)
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Akkala Highlands is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Features and Overview

Akkala Bridge Ruins]

Main article: Akkala Bridge Ruins

Akkala Citadel Ruins

Main article: Akkala Citadel Ruins

Akkala Falls

Main article: Akkala Falls

Akkala Parade Ground Ruins

Main article: Akkala Parade Ground Ruins

Akkala Span

Main article: Akkala Span

Akkala Tower

Main article: Bronas Forest

Ankel Island

Main article: Ankel Island

Davdi Island

Main article: Davdi Island

East Akkala Plains

Main article: East Akkala Plains

East Sokkala Bridge

Main article: East Sokkala Bridge

Great Fairy Fountain

Main article: Mija

Kaepora Pass

Main article: Kaepora Pass

Kanalet Ridge

Main article: Kanalet Ridge

Knuckel Island

Main article: Knuckel Island

Lake Akkala

Main article: Lake Akkala

Ordorac Quarry

Main article: Ordorac Quarry

Rist Peninsula

Main article: Rist Peninsula

Shadow Pass

Main article: Shadow Pass

Sokkala Bridge

Main article: Sokkala Bridge

South Akkala Plains

Main article: South Akkala Plains

South Akkala Stable

Main article: South Akkala Stable

South Lake Akkala

Main article: South Lake Akkala

Spring of Power

Main article: Spring of Power

Tarrey Town

Main article: Tarrey Town

Tingel Island

Main article: Tingel Island

Torin Wetland

Main article: Torin Wetland

Ukuku Plains

Main article: Ukuku Plains

Ulri Mountain

Main article: Ulri Mountain

Ulria Grotto

Main article: Ulria Grotto

West Sokkala Bridge

Main article: West Sokkala Bridge

Ancient Shrines

Shrine Trial Name Location Treasure
Dah Hesho Shrine A Minor Test of Strength Akkala Highlands Giant Ancient Core
Kah Mael Shrine Drop and Rise Tingel Island Diamond
Ke'nai Shakah Shrine A Modest Test of Strength Akkala Highlands Sapphire
Ritaag Zumo Shrine Ritaag Zumo's Blessing Rist Peninsula Giant Ancient Core
Tutsuwa Nima Shrine A Major Test of Strength Spring of Power Flamespear
Ze Kasho Shrine Ze Kasho Apparatus South Akkala Stable Silverscale Spear