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TWoG Ahitaru.png
Main Appearance(s)

Ahitaru is a location in The Wand of Gamelon. It is unlocked after Kobitan is completed.

Features and Overview

Ahitaru is a large desert and coast in the northeast of Gamelon. It begins as a dry and vast desert with large rock formations, eventually opening to a coast where the sea can be seen in the horizon. It is inhabited by Arpagos, Boons and Gohmas. At the very end of the coast is the area's most notable landmark: a massive fish carcass.

In the first section, large swarms of Boons infest the area. At the end is a small cave where Gohmas live, which links to the rocky shore where a large hole known as the Gohma Pit is located.[1] A woman encountered on the other side of the Pit, the Water Lady, congratulates Zelda on fighting the Gohmas and gives her a jar of Water of Life, healing her. She also mentions that a fisherman, Yokan, is trapped in the head of the fish carcass. Zelda leaves to investigate by destroying the boulder covering the eye socket, either by using ten Bombs or the Power Glove. Yokan thanks her for saving him, and leaves for the town of Sakado, dropping a Key to the town's smithy as he leaves. A Triforce Map appears inside the skeleton, and upon completion, Shutoy Lake is unlocked.

Minor Enemies and Traps


  1. "Nice job over the Gohma Pit." — Water Lady (The Wand of Gamelon)