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Adventure Map/Hyrule Field (Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition)

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This article is a work in progress.
This article is a work in progress.

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Hyrule Field appears seven times on the Adventure Map in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. It is the first Stage played in the Adventure Map, initially on square H8, but also appears on squares G8 and H7.

Battle G8

Battle H7

Battle H8

"A" Rank Victory Battle Victory Treasure Time Limit
HW Heart Container Adventure Mode Icon.pngHW Impa Head Adventure Mode Icon.png 20:00 HW Battle Rank C Arrow Up Small Icon.png
Challenge Battle Recommended Element: HW Battle Rank C Arrow Left Small Icon.png HW Battle Rank B Arrow Right Small Icon.png
Defeat 300 enemies in time! Limited
Victory Conditions Defeat Conditions
{{{Victory}}} {{{Defeat}}}

Battle H8 begins with the chosen Warrior placed just north of the Central Keep, which is inaccessible. Two groups of enemies are located westward, with the initial goal set to defeating the Lizalfos located at the northwestern section of the map.[1] After two minutes and thirty seconds, the Lizalfos will inspire the enemy troops, causing them to grow stronger.[2] Once 100 enemies have been slain, a King Dodongo will appear. After three and six minutes have passed, Magic Jar Transport Troops will spawn.[3]

Completing this Battle opens up squares H7 and G8 with a C-Rank Victory, and Square H9 with a B-Rank Victory.


Hyrulean Forces Dark Forces
HWDE Lizalfos Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Big Poe Mini Map Icon.png
Big Poe
HWDE Stalchild Captain Mini Map Icon.png
Transport Captain
HWDE Unkown Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE King Dodongo Mini Map Icon.png
King Dodongo
HWDE Unkown Mini Map Icon.png


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