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Achievements are a mechanic in Cadence of Hyrule.[1]


List of Achievements

Achievement Description
Warm-Up Act Defeat one of Octavo's Champions
Someone's Awakening Awaken a sleeping companion
Sharpshooter Defeat 4 enemies with a single arrow
Downbeat Use Down Thrust on 3 consecutive enemies
7/4 Time Defeat 7 enemies within 4 beats
Shocking Developments Defeat 5 enemies at once with electricity
Fortissimo! Deal 6 damage to an enemy with a single hit
The King of Evil Defeat Ganon
Hale and Hearty Have 16 heart containers
Thief Defeat the shopkeeper
Lonely Digging Dig out every diggable tile on a dungeon floor
Falling Down Defeat a miniboss by pushing it into a hole
Hot Feet Swim in lava
Master Angler Catch a golden fish
Major Key Have 9 keys at once
Virtuoso Complete the game in Permadeath Mode
Classic Mode Complete the game in Dungeon Mode
Expansive Repertoire Collect all A/B/X/Y items and permanent upgrades
Eight Sharps Find all 8 unique weapons in a single playthrough
The Eye of Gohma Defeat Gohmaracas using only a bow and arrows
’Splodenspiel Defeating Gleeokenspiel using only bombs and bombchus
Cool Riffs Defeat Bass Guitarmos Knights using only the Ice Rod
Hot Beats Defeat Bass Guitarmos Knights using only the Ice Rod
Sight Reading Complete a daily challenge
Allegro Complete the game in Permadeath Mode in under 1 hour without using Fixed-Beat Mode
Minimalism Complete the game without picking up any permanent items except a base dagger or short sword
Flawless Performance Defeat any boss without getting hit or missing a beat
Bee Bop Defeat any boss with a bee getting the final hit
Unharmed and Dangerous Complete the game in Permadeath Mode using only Yves
Turn It Down Complete the game with the music volume set to 0 without using Fixed-Beat Mode
Freeform Jazz Complete the game in Fixed-Beat Mode in under 30 minutes
Prestissimo Complete the game in Double-Time Mode
No Steps Wasted Complete the game in less than 5,000 steps


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