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Aboda Village

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Aboda Village
ST Aboda Village.png
Main Appearance(s)

Aboda Village is a location is Spirit Tracks.[1] It is Link's hometown and is located by the southwestern shore of the Forest Realm. It is home to seven people, including Niko and Alfonzo. It is also the starting point of Link's journey.

Features and Overview

The village only has three houses, one of which, on the west end, Link shares with Niko. Another, on the east side, shelters a family of four: a Cucco-admiring father; a worrywart mother; Rei, a knowledgeable daughter; and Joe, a mischievous son.[2] In the northern part of the village is Alfonzo's house, which is connected to the Train Station. This house is a garage of sorts where Alfonzo can swap out the Spirit Train's cars for Link's desired upgrade. There is also a Stamp Station in the northwest where Link can collect the village's stamp and add it to his Stamp Book which the young hero can receive from Niko later on in his adventure.

There are some hidden chests in front of the leftmost and rightmost palm trees, which can only be uncovered with the Song of Discovery, as hinted in a letter Link eventually receives from Niko.

Force Gems

If Link brings 10 Cuccos to the man wishing to raise them, he will give Link a Force Gem that will unlock a new section of tracks in the Forest Realm. Also, if Link takes Joe to Beedle's Air Shop, he will be given a Force Gem that also reveals new Spirit Tracks in the same realm.


  • The village's name sounds similar to the word "abode" which means "a dwelling place; a home" which makes sense since this is where Link first starts his adventure and where his home is.
  • In the PAL version of Spirit Tracks, Aboda Village is named Outset Village, possibly implying that Link from The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass founded the village, his home being Outset Island. However, this is questionable because the original name of Outset Island was Puroro Island in the Japanese version of The Wind Waker and the original name of Aboda Village is Moyori Village.
    • The German version bears another slight resemblance to The Wind Waker. Aboda Village is called Prologia, as it is the main place for the adventure's prologue. Using the same pattern, Outset Island's German name is Präludien.
    • Furthermore, both of Link's hometowns are located in the far southwest of the country.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Outset Village
Japan Japanese モヨリ村 (Moyori Mura) Moyori Village (Moyori means "neighboring" in Japanese)
Canada FrenchCA Village du Bercail Home Village
French Republic FrenchEU Village Prokis Prokis Village
Federal Republic of Germany German Prologia
Italian Republic Italian Villaggio Partivicino
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Aldea Nostra Nostra Village (Nostra means "ours" in Italian)



  1. Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books), pg. 113 (ST)
  2. "The children of Link's hometown, Aboda Village. In the middle is the mischief-loving Joe. To the left, his little sister, Rei. The boy on the right was cut and never appeared in the game." (Hyrule Historia (Dark Horse Books), pg. 214)
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