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A Parent's Love

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A Parent's Love
BotW A Parents Love.png
Link eavesdropping on Ruli and Hagie
Quest Giver Ruli
Location Tarrey Town
Reward Gold Rupee

"A Parent's Love" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


The Quest begins in Tarrey Town when Link overhears an argument between Ruli and her husband Hagie about their daughter Hunnie. At night, Link must listen outside the open window of their house, as Ruli won't speak with Link directly.[2] Link learns that Hunnie is unwell, and only has an appetite for cake.[3]

Though they have searched throughout Hyrule and spent a fortune, none of the cakes Hagie and Ruli have found seem to heal their daughter.[4] Ruli explains that she is desperate to find a cure for Hunnie, even if she has to sell her soul to a monster.[5]

To complete the Quest, Link must deliver a Monster Cake, made with Monster Extract, to Ruli. After eating the Monster Cake, Hunnie gets her energy back, and is able to play outside again. After Ruli confirms her daughter is healed, she rewards Link with a Gold Rupee.[6]


Stage Description
1 You overheard a fight between Hagie and Ruli, husband and wife. Their daughter Hunnie is sick and won't get better if she doesn't eat. But the thing is, the only food she has and appetite for is cake, and finding a particular cake to please her has proven nearly impossible. Ruli is at her wit's end, ready to even trade her soul to a monster if it means finding a cake her daughter will eat.

Where are you going to find a suitable cake?
2 You gave Ruli a monster cake!

Her sick daughter, Hunnie, who has not had an appetite for anything but cake lately, was able to eat it.

Check in with Ruli to find out how Hunnie is doing.
Complete You were generously rewarded for giving Ruli a monster cake.

Her daughter Hunnie seems to have made a full recovery, well enough even to play outside again.


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