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A Link to the Past Translations/Characters

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The following page is a list of the names of every character appearing in A Link to the Past in every release of the game (including the Game Boy Advance and Virtual Console ports). A Link to the Past has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular individual in that language.


Main Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
ALttP Link Sprite.png
あなた (リンク) (Anata (Rinku)) Link Link Link Link Link Link
ゼルダ姫 (Zeruda Hime) Princess Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda
ALttP Agahnim Sprite.png
司祭アグニム (Shisai Agunimu) Agahnim the Dark Wizard Agahnim Magier Agahnim Agahnim Agahnim o Feiticeiro das Trevas
ALttP Ganon Sprite.png
邪悪の王ガノン (Jaaku no ō Ganon) Ganon the evil King Of Darkness
Mandrag GanonTriforce piece.png
Ganon Ganon Ganon Ganon, o maligno Rei das Trevas

Secondary Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
おじさん (Oji-san) Link's Uncle Oncle de Link Links Onkel Zio di Link Tio de Link
ALttP Sahasrahla Sprite.png
サハスラーラ (Sahasurāra) Sahasrahla Sahasrahla Sahasrahla Sahasrahla Sahasrahla
娘達 (Musume-tachi) Maidens Jeunes Filles Sechs Mädchen
Sieben Maiden
Fanciulle Donzela(s)
ALttP Aginah Sprite.png
アジナー (Ajinā) Aginah Aginah Aginah Aginah Aginah Aginah
ALttP King Zora Sprite.png
キングゾーラ (Kingu Zōra) King Zora Roi Zora König Zora Re Zora Rei Zora
Lost Old Man Vieil Homme Perdu Der verirrte alte Mann Anziano Smarrito O Idoso Perdido
ハイラル王 (Hairaru Ou) King of Hyrule Roi d'Hyrule Der König Hyrules Re di Hyrule Rei de Hyrule

Legendary Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
ALttP Goddesses Artwork.png
神々 (Kamigami) Gods Déesses d'Or Divinità Deuses / Deusas
勇気の神 (Yūki no Kami) God of Courage Déesse du Courage Dea del Coraggio Deusa da Coragem
力の神 (Chikara no Kami) God of Power Déesse de la Force Dea del Potere Deusa do Poder
知恵の神 (Chie no Kami) God of Wisdom Déesse de la Sagesse Dea della Saggezza Deusa da Sabedoria
ガノンドロフ (Ganondorofu) Ganondorf
Ganodorf DragmireTriforce piece.png
Ganondorf Ganondorff Ganondorf Ganondorf
Seven Wise Men.png
賢者達 (Kenja-tachi)Triforce piece.png
7人の賢者 (7賢者) (Shichinin no Kenja (Shichi Kenja))Triforce piece.png
Seven Wise MenTriforce piece.png
Seven SagesTriforce piece.png
Sept Sages Die sieben Weisen;
Sieben Weisen MännernTriforce piece.png
Sette Saggi Sete Sábios
騎士団 (Kishi Dan)Triforce piece.png
ナイトの一族 (Naito no Ichizoku)Triforce piece.png
Knights of Hyrule Chevalier d'Hyrule Cavalieri di Hyrule Cavaleiros de Hyrule

Other Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
へんなおじさん (Hen na Ojisan) Average Middle-Aged Man Vieil original Komischer Kauz Uomo di mezz'età Homem normal de meia-idade
大ナマズ (Dai Namazu) Catfish Einsiedlerfisch Pescegatto Grande Peixe-gato
Street Merchant Vendeur de rue Fahrender Händler Mercante di Bottiglie Vendedor de frascos
Bully and Bully's Friend Der Ball und sein Freund Bullo e Amico Bully e amigo
Dwarven Swordsmiths Die wackeren Schmiede Fabbri Ferreiros
ALttP Fat Faerie Sprite.png
女神 (Megami) Fat Faerie Die dicke Fee der Pyramide Fata Grassa Fada Gorda
オカリナ少年 (Okarina Shōnen) Flute Boy Flûtiste Der flötenspielende Junge Ragazzo con ocarina Garoto da Ocarina
Fortune Teller Wahrsager Indovino Vidente
カエル (Kaeru) Frog Ein froschähnlichen Wesen Rana Sapo
サルキッキ (Saru Kikki) Kiki the Monkey Kiki, der Affe Kiki la Scimmia Kiki, o Macaco
ALttP Loyal Sage Sprite.png
神父様 (Shinpu-sama) Loyal Sage Der gute Priester Sacerdote Sábio Leal
キコリ Aさく, Bさく (Kikori A-saku, B-saku) Lumberjacks (A., B. and Q. Bumpkin) Die zwei Holzfäller (A., B. und Q. Holzhack) Taglialegna(A., B. e Q. Bumpkin) Lenhadores (A., B. e Q. Matutos)
Running Man Der Tausend-Füße-Mann Corridore Corredor
ALttP Sweeping Lady Sprite.png
Sweeping Lady Putzfrau Spazzatrice Mulher Varrendo
Thieves Der Dieb in den Wäldern Ladri Ladrões
Venus. Queen of FaeriesTriforce piece.png
Venus, Queen of FairiesTriforce piece.png
Die Königin der Feen Fata Radiosa Rainha das Fadas
Syrup Die Hexe Syrup Bruxa
Witch's Assistant Schüler der Hexe Assistente della Strega Assistente de Bruxa

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