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A Gift of Nightshade

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A Gift of Nightshade
BotW A Gift of Nightshade.png
Quest Giver Wabbin
Location Faron[note 1]
Reward Red Rupee
Silver Rupee

"A Gift of Nightshade" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


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Talk to Wabbin near the top of Tuft Mountain at Lover's Pond to begin the quest. Wabbin is in love with Perda, a Gerudo Woman, but doesn't quite have the courage to make the first move and talk to her.

Speak with Wabbin twice and you'll find that he wants to break the ice by giving Perda a Blue Nightshade flower. If Link has a Blue Nightshade, he can give him one right there. If not, several Blue Nightshade can be found over at the Yambi Lake, which is just to the west. Wabbin thanks you for giving him the flower, but he still doesn't quite have the courage to make the move and give it to Perda. Instead, Wabbin will ask Link if he can deliver the flower to her on his behalf. Bring the flower across the pond to the Gerudo woman, Perda. This will complete the quest as Perda and Wabbin will come together. They will have a rather awkward conversation, as Wabbin is still very shy and doesn't quite have the courage to talk to her. At first he worried that Perda doesn't like Blue Nightshade flowers, but it is determined that both of them really like Blue Nightshades. Perda will then encourage Wabbin to ask her out on a date, although Wabbin misinterprets what she said, as he thinks she just asked him out on a date. So naturally, Wabbin is ecstatic and says yes. Wabbin thanks Link for his help and rewards him with a Red Rupee. Perda will then get on Wabbin about being frugality, at which point Wabbin will then give Link a Silver Rupee.


Stage Description
1 Wabbin has fallen for a Gerudo woman, but he can't work up the courage to talk to her. He's asked that you bring him some blue nightshade so that he can have an excuse to speak to her.
2 You brought blue nightshade to Wabbin, who has fallen for a Gerudo woman named Perda—a woman he's never spoken to. He hoped the blue nightshade would help him break the ice, but he's so nervous he can't even move.

Wabbin has asked that you give the blue nightshade to the woman on his behalf.
Complete It turns out that while Wabbin was working up the nerve to talk to Perda, she'd been waiting for him to approach her! The confession of love wasn't exactly ideal, but at least the soul mates are both finally talking.


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  1. Though the Adventure Log states that this Quest takes place in the Faron Region, it actually takes place at the Lover's Pond in East Necluda.


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