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A Gift from the Monks

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A Gift from the Monks
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Location Ancient Shrine

"A Gift from the Monks" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


"A Gift from the Monks" is given to Link after he has completed all of the 120 Ancient Shrine trials. Link will be asked to return to the Forgotten Temple (the quickest route would be to simply warp to the shrine inside the temple). There will be three Treasure Chests before the statue of Goddess Hylia. Link simply needs to open the chests to complete the quest. The chests will contain the Tunic of the Wild, the Cap of the Wild, and the Trousers of the Wild.


Stage Description
1 You've conquered all of the shrine trials. The monks have prepared a gift for just such an occasion.
Head to the Forgotten Temple where the oldest statue of the Goddess stands to see what they have left for you there.


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