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A Brother's Roast

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A Brother's Roast
BotW A Brother's Roast.png
Quest Giver Bladon
Location Goron City

"A Brother's Roast" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Link is given this Quest when he speaks with Bladon at Goron City. Bladon is upset that his brother, Gonguron, has left the City to find the "Secret of the Hero", which is believed to be in Gorko Tunnel.[2] Bladon believes that Gonguron is just using it as an excuse to slack off.[3] Although Bladon does not explicitly request that Link find him, Link nonetheless goes to search for the Goron as part of the Quest.

Inside Gorko Tunnel, Link finds Gonguron who has been trying to excavate a rubble of stones blocking the rest of the tunnel, which the "Secret of the Hero" is believed to be behind. However, Gonguron has become exhausted and hungry and cannot continue.[4] Bladon then shortly arrives and asks Link to find and bring back a Rock Roast from the nearby Gortram Cliff, so he can Cook it for his brother.[5] At the very other end of the gorge between Gorko Tunnel and Gortram Cliff, Link finds several Rock Roasts, but monsters appear along the way to hinder his progress. Among these monsters include Black Moblins, some of which are armed with Bows equipped with Fire Arrows and others that drop boulders from above, as well as Fire Chuchus. Link must evade or defeat them to deliver the Rock Roast. A giant boulder will also roll past at the final leg of the gorge.

After successfully delivering a Rock Roast, Bladon will happily Cook it in the Cooking Pot for his brother to eat. The Deliciously Grilled Rock Roast invigorates Gonguron and gives him the strength to continue excavating the tunnel.[6] It is then revealed that the "Secret of the Hero" is in fact the Kayra Mah Shrine.[7] This completes the Quest.


Stage Description
1 Bladon's brother Gonguron should have been back by now...

It sounds like he went to Gorko Tunnel, southwest of Gorko Lake, to dig up the secret of the hero.
2 Now that Bladon knows what his brother Gonguron was really up to, he wants you to find and bring him a rock roast.

Bring a rock roast to Bladon and his brother, who are waiting at Gorko Tunnel.
Complete Gonguron ate the deliciously grilled rock roast, giving him the energy he needed to break the wall covering an ancient shrine.

Bladon beamed with pride to see how strong Gonguron had become.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese 弟はいずこ? (Otōto wa Izu Ko?)


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