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Aruroda Skettlar.png
Habitat(s)Caves, Fields, Deserts
Effective Weapon(s)Sword

Aruroda is the one-eyed scorpion foe in The Adventure of Link. It can only be struck when its single, large eye is open, and it shoots fireballs from its tail.


  • It is interesting that "Rōdā" is the Japanese name for Lowder, suggesting a link between the two monsters. However, it should be noted that the katakana for "Lowder", Template:Japanese, is different from Aruroda's spelling, Template:Japanese.
  • These enemies have elsewhere been given the unofficial name "Skettlar".[1]
  • The Aruroda greatly resembles the Aracha from Skyward Sword in that they're both one-eyed scorpions.


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