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Triangle Islands

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Triangle Islands
Triangle island.png
Link arriving at a Triangle Island

In The Wind Waker, the Triangle Islands,[1] also sometimes known as the Triangle Isles, are three islands shaped like triangles, and also in such a formation in the sea that if one were to draw lines connecting them, the result would also be a triangle.


The Triangle Islands serve the purpose of holding three statues of the goddesses, and one of three different pearls that correspond to the goddesses can be placed in their arms. This is the key to raising the Tower of the Gods that Link must enter during his quest across the Great Sea.

When lines are drawn between the three Triangle Islands, a giant triangle is formed with the Tower of the Gods in the center. Likewise, if lines are drawn between the initial resting places of the pearls (Greatfish Isle, Dragon Roost Island, and Forest Haven), another triangle is drawn. Overlaying these two triangles creates the image of the Triforce with the Tower of the Gods in center. In the inner triangle, Din's statue will form the top corner, Nayru's the left corner, and Farore's the right corner. These are also the locations of their respective pieces on the Triforce.

Eastern Triangle Island

Farore Statue.png
Farore's Goddess Statue
An aerial view of Eastern Triangle Isle

Eastern Triangle Island has the statue of Farore, which requires that Farore's Pearl must be placed on it for activation.

Southern Triangle Island

Nayru Statue.png
Nayru's Goddess Statue
An aerial view of Southern Triangle Isle

Southern Triangle Island has the statue of Nayru, and as such, Nayru's Pearl must be placed within its arms. Link can also retrieve Triforce Shard #6 from the ocean floor after obtaining the Triforce Chart from Outset Island.

Northern Triangle Island

Din Statue.png
Din's Goddess Statue
An aerial view of Northern Triangle Isle

Northern Triangle Isle has the statue of Din, upon which Din's Pearl must be placed. Link can also use the Treasure Chart he received from the Six-Eye Reef to obtain the Big Octo Chart here. It is one of the islands, along with Shark Island and Mother and Child Isles, where cyclones rage before Link chastises Cyclos.

Minor Enemies and Traps


The Triforce symbol appears when the six most plot-significant islands are connected
  • When connected by lines, Dragon Roost Island, Forest Haven, and Greatfish Isle form a large triangle; the three Triangle Isles, when connected by lines, creates a smaller triangle attached to the larger one - the entire image created is that of the Triforce, and the Tower of the Gods exists at the dead center of the symbol.
  • It has been noted by some members of the community that the positions of the Triangle Isles are similar to the positions of the three temples that housed the Pendants of Virtue in A Link to the Past. For example, the Eastern Triangle Isle is similarly placed to the Eastern Palace in A Link to the Past, which held the Pendant of Courage, the attribute Farore is associated with.
  • Before their activation by the 3 pearls, each of the three statues has a distinctive characteristic the other two lack. Din's statue has a nose, Nayru's statue has a mouth, and Farore's statue has ears. This may be a reference to the Pikmin series, as each Pikmin has a feature that the others do not: Red Pikmin have noses, Blue Pikmin have mouths, and Yellow Pikmin have ears.


  1. "And just so you know, you'll find the place southeast of here! It's on a tiny, lonely little isle near the Triangle Islands." — Mrs. Marie (The Wind Waker)
TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Eastern Triangle Island Southern Triangle Island Northern Triangle Island
Japan Japanese 東の三角島 南の三角島 北の三角島
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Isla Triángulo del Este Isla Triángulo del Sur Isla Triángulo del Norte
French-speaking countries French Ile Triangulaire de l'Est Ile Triangulaire de Sud Ile Triangulaire du Nord
Federal Republic of Germany German Östliche Triangel-Insel Südliche Triangel-Insel Nördliche Triangel-Insel
Italian Republic Italian Isola Freccia dell'Est Isola Freccia del Sud Isola Freccia del Nord
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