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Trendy Game

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Trendy Game
Trendy game.png
Location(s)Mabe Village
Game(s)Link's Awakening
Main PrizeYoshi Doll
Cost10 Rupees
Theme Music

The Trendy Game Shop is a shop and a mini-game in Link's Awakening. It features a mini-game that plays similarly to the claw crane game machines. Inside Link can play to win various items.


The shop is located in the southernmost part of Mabe Village.


The Trendy Game costs 10 Rupees to play. The game features a moving conveyor belt, which rotates an assortment of items, and an overhead crane that is controlled by a remote panel that utilizes the A and B-buttons. The object of the mini-game is to successfully grab one of the moving items by moving and timing the crane so it can grab the desired item. The crane is moved by pressing and holding the A and B-buttons while standing on the panel's square; B makes the crane move right while A moves it down. Once the crane has been moved by both buttons, it will automatically descend and attempt to grab an item.

The items available includes two Rupees worth 30 standard Rupees (colored red in the DX version), a heart, Magic Powder (the only way to obtain it outside of Syrup's hut) and a shield. The most important item that can be obtained here is the Yoshi Doll, which sits in the middle of the screen off of the conveyor belt. This item is necessary for the game's trading sequence. By giving this doll to the mother of the quadruplet family, Link can exchange it for the Ribbon, and subsequently continue the trading sequence. Because the trading sequence must be performed up to a certain point in Link's Awakening, it is necessary to play the Trendy Game at least once.

A simple strategy can be used to ensure success in grabbing one of the items on the moving conveyor belt. The key to this is that the time taken for the crane to descend and grab is the same as the time it takes for an item to travel six squares on the belt. The crane may be moved across until it is above the top-left corner of the belt. When the desired item is on the middle square of the right-hand edge of the belt, the "down" button should briefly be tapped. The crane should pick up the item as it passes across the top-left corner of the belt.


  • If Link takes Marin to the Trendy Game Shop, she asks him if she can try it.[1] When she attempts the mini-game, she picks up the Shop Owner. The Trendy Shop Owner calls her a pro before telling her to leave.[2]


  1. "Wow! Link, can I try this?! What do you say?" — Marin (Link's Awakening)
  2. "You're good! You're a pro, aren't you? ... ... ... ... Well, beat it! Pros aren't allowed in here!" — Trendy Game Shop Owner (Link's Awakening)
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