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Tetra's Pirate Crew

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Tetra's Pirate Crew
TWW Tetra's Pirate Crew.png
Starting from back row left to right: Senza, Gonzo, Nudge, Niko, Mako, Tetra, Zuko
Game(s)The Wind Waker
Phantom Hourglass
Other MediaNavi Trackers
Location(s)Great Sea
Objective(s)Search for treasure
HeadquartersTetra's Ship
Leader(s)Tetra's Mother (former captain)
Tetra (current captain)
Gonzo (first mate & pilot)
MembersMako, Niko, Nudge, Senza, Zuko
Theme Music

Much of the plot of The Wind Waker concerns Tetra's Pirate Crew. Though many in number, each has his own personality, and they follow Tetra as loyally as they did when her mother was the head of the crew. They travel the Great Sea on an unnamed ship in search for treasure.


Very little is known of the background and origins of Tetra's pirates. They used to serve under Tetra's mother orders, but after she passed away, Tetra followed in her footsteps and became their new leader.[1] The pirate crew are known to be extremely loyal and follow whatever orders they are given to by "Miss Tetra," showing their dedication towards their leader at any given moment. Curiously, they appear surprisingly similar to the group shown in a painting on a wall of the sunken Hyrule Castle. The picture depicts an antediluvian Princess Zelda along with several of her courtiers, each of them bearing a striking resemblance to the members of Tetra's pirate crew. Since Tetra is later on revealed to be Princess Zelda, it can be safely assumed that the pirates' ancestors served the princess in past generations.


The crew is made up of six pirates:

  • Senza appears to be the con-man of the crew as he is very talented in persuasion.
  • Gonzo is (next to Tetra) the highest ranked of the pirates, he steers the ship.
  • Nudge is the strongest of all the crew, he councils Tetra in decision making.
  • Mako is called the brains of the ship and the king of invention.
  • Zuko is the lookout on the ship.
  • Niko is the lowest ranked of the pirates.


The Wind Waker

They are first seen right after Link acquires the telescope from his sister, Aryll, and are attacking the Helmaroc King. After a successful hit, the bird drops their leader Tetra into a forest where Link saves her, after which the Helmaroc King returns and mistakes Link's sister for Tetra and takes off with her. They help Link reach the Forsaken Fortress in an attempt to rescue his sister, but the young hero ultimately fails.

The pirates aren't seen again until Link goes to Windfall Island and see Tetra and her crew stealing bombs from Bomb-Master Cannon in order to gain entry to the cave in Outset Island where Jabun lies hidden. Tetra allows her pirates to stay at Windfall for the night, which lets Link gain a head start to reach Jabun and receive Nayru's Pearl from him.[2]

After Link visits the Forsaken Fortress for a second time to rescue his sister, the pirates appear to take back the other two kidnapped girls, Mila and Maggie, to Windfall Island in order to get some reward from their fathers.[3] They also promise to return Aryll safely back to Outset Island for free.[4]

Tetra's pirate crew are seen again during the ending credits. After Tetra and Link resurface from the now-sunken land of Hyrule, the pirates are seen greeting them along with other characters aboard their ship. Afterward, they set sail from Outset Island as they accompany Tetra and Link in search new lands, which sets the background for Phantom Hourglass.

Phantom Hourglass

Tetra and her crew also appear in Phantom Hourglass, but only in the game's opening and ending cutscenes. The pirates who appear are Gonzo, Niko, Mako and Zuko. Nudge and Senza are nowhere to be seen, but it is safe to assume that they're still with the other pirates. Due to her royal lineage, the pirates in Phantom Hourglass have taken to referring to Tetra as 'Princess Zelda', much to her annoyance.

After defeating Bellum, Link and Tetra reunite with the rest of the pirates.


  • After the Helmaroc King drops Tetra in The Wind Waker, Gonzo and Senza can be seen arguing aboard the ship. After Link rescues Tetra, Senza can be seen tending to their ship's catapult.
  • Interestingly, after Link steals the Bombs from the pirates on board their ship, Tetra tells him through the Pirate's Charm that they still have another supply of them left and that they intend to reach Jabun first if he fails to do so by the following morning. Despite this, immediately after leaving the ship, Link can receive a letter from Beedle stating that he now sells Bombs from many of his shops, and visiting him before obtaining Nayru's Pearl reveals that they were sold to him by the pirates themselves, indicating that Tetra was not totally honest that they would wait for the next morning to use the bombs.



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