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Template:User Edit Extended

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To use this template on your userpage, type:

    {{User Edit Extended}}


Additional parameters can be used to modify the template:

{{User Edit Extended
  • Align — The horizontal alignment of the template: left, center, or right. Defaults to left.
  • Display — Enter "collapsible" to add a show/hide button to the table. Enter "collapsed" instead to make it hidden by default on page-load.
  • User — The user whose editing stats you wish to display. This field is required when the template is used outside the User namespace. Must be the exact username or else the template will not work and the page will display a database error.

Note: The information that this template provides will not update whenever your page loads. It will take anywhere from several minutes to a half hour to update. Saving your page will update it. The page Special:EditCount will give you the updated edit breakdown, but does not include the links, or the percentages, that this template provides.