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Sinking Ships

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Sinking Ships
Location(s)Windfall Island
Game(s)The Wind Waker
Main PrizePiece of Heart, Treasure Charts
Cost10 Rupees

Sinking Ships is a minigame which appears in the The Wind Waker.


The minigame is run by the pirate-savvy host, Salvatore, inside the Game Room on Windfall Island. It is the earliest available mini-game in the game.


The game is similar to Battleship, as Link must find and destroy three squids that are randomly hidden somewhere on the 8×8 playing grid,[1] with the assortment of "bombs" he is given.[2] The squids are two, three or four squares in length, and only reveal their locations upon "bombing" the squares in which they are hidden.[3] To increase the difficultly of this game, Link doesn’t place his own squids, instead he must locate the computer-placed squids within 24 shots. If Link uses all 24 "bombs" and is unable to fully locate all three squids, he wins nothing and must try the game over in order to vie for a prize.[4]

The first time Link reveals all 3 squids, he is rewarded with a Piece of Heart.[5] A second victory under the same rules will yield Link Treasure Chart No. 7,[6] and every one after that will provide a continuous supply of Purple Rupees, worth 50 regular Rupees.[7] However, if Link can locate all three squids using 20 shots or less, he will be rewarded Treasure Chart No. 23.[8] After Link has obtained both treasure charts, he will receive an Orange Rupee for every time he beats his personal record.


  • The Sinking Ships mini-game is the first occurrence of a Battleship-like game appearing in the Zelda series.
  • Salvatore, the host of this mini-game, also runs the Barrel Shoot mini-game on Spectacle Isle, providing a similar pirate-like cosplay before the mini-game itself.



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