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Shrine of Trials

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Shrine of Trials
BotW Oman Au Shrine Exterior.png
The Oman Au Shrine, one of many Shrines of Trials
Item(s) Runes
Spirit Orbs
Related place(s)

Shrines of Trials are dungeon-like puzzles in Breath of the Wild.


There are 120 Shrines scattered throughout Hyrule. The Shrines of Trials appear after the activation of the Sheikah Towers.[1] Link enters the Shrines of Trials by unlocking them via his Sheikah Slate. Shrines that have not yet been unlocked glow an orange light. Shrines glow orange and blue once their entrance has been opened, and glow blue once the trial inside has been completed.

The Shrines each contain a series of traps and obstacles to be overcome as part of a trial. At the end of every Shrine is a Monk, who are the creators of the trials inside.[2] The Monks will present Link a Spirit Orb for successfully reaching them. The first four Shrines of Trials also contain Runes which add functionalities to the Sheikah Slate, bestowing Link with new abilities. Each Shrine contains an incidental treasure alongside the Spirit Orbs bestowed by the Monks.

After completing all 120 shrines, Link is instructed to head to the Goddess Statue in the Forgotten Temple where he will obtain the "Wild" Armor set.[3] [4]

List of Shrines

Shrine Trial Name Location Treasure
Akh Va'quot Shrine Windmills Rito Village Ancient Core
Feathered Spear
Bosh Kala Shrine The Wind Guides You Central Hyrule Amber
Soldier's Claymore
Chaas Qeta Shrine A Major Test of Strength Tenoko Island Climbing Gear
Dah Hesho Shrine A Minor Test of Strength Akkala
Dah Kaso Shrine A Minor Test of Strength Digdogg Suspension Bridge
Daka Tuss Shrine Sunken Scoop
Dako Tah Shrine Electric Path Great Cliffs Moonlight Scimitar
Ancient Core
Silver Rupee
Radiant Shield
Daqo Chisay Shrine The Whole Picture Gerudo Town Thunderblade
Dila Maag Shrine Dila Maag's Blessing South Lomei Labyrinth Barbarian Armor
Ha Dahamar Shrine The Water Guides Dueling Peaks Stable Purple Rupee
Hawa Koth Shrine The Current Solution Gerudo Great Skeleton Ancient Core
Gold Rupee
Hila Rao Shrine Drifting Ice Arrows x5
Ja Baij Shrine Bomb Trial Eastern Abbey
Jee Noh Shrine On the Move Gerudo Canyon Pass Opal
Joloo Nah Shrine Joloo Nah Apparatus Mount Nabooru Golden Claymore
Gerudo Spear
Kaam Ya'tak Shrine Trial of Power Mount Daphnes
Katosa Aug Shrune Katosa Aug Apparatus North Akkala Foothill
Kalm Yu'ogh Shrine Trial of Passing
Kay Noh Shrine Power of Electricity Gerudo Canyon Gerudo Scimitar
Keh Namut Shrine Cryonis Trial Mount Hylia
Kema Zoos Shrine A Delayed Puzzle West Barrens Moonlight Scimitar
Korgu Chideh Shrine Korgu Chideh's Blessing Eventide Island Gold Rupee
Korsh O'hu Shrine Korsh O'hu's Blessing East Gerudo Ruins Flamespear
Mirro Shaz Shrine Tempered Power Pico Pond Giant Ancient Core
Misae Suma Shrine Misae Suma's Blessing East Barrens Diamond
Mo'a Keet Shrine Metal Makes a Path Knight's Broadsword
Mogg Latan Shrine Synced Swing Satori Mountain
Muwo Jeem Shrine A Modest Test of Strength Cape Cales Knight's Bow
Myahm Agana Shrine Myahm Agana Apparatus Hateno Village Phrenic Bow
Ne'ez Yohma Shrine Pushing Power Zora's Domain
Oman Au Shrine Magnesis Trial Great Plateau Traveler's Bow
Owa Daim Shrine Stasis Trial Mount Hylia Traveler's Shield
Qaza Tokki Shrine Qaza Tokki's Blessing North Lomei Labyrinth Barbarian Leg Wraps
Qukah Nata Shrine Qukah Nata's Blessing Calora Lake Rubber Tights
Raqa Zunzo Shrine Raqa Zunzo's Blessing Sand-Seal Rally Radiant Shield
Ree Dahee Shrine Timing is Critical Dueling Peaks
Rin Oyaa Shrine Directing the Wind Snowfield Stable Ancient Core
Ritaag Zumo Shrine Ritaag Zumo's Blessing Rist Peninsula
Rota Ooh Shrine Passing of the Gates Central Hyrule
Rucco Maag Shrine Five Flames Samasa Plains
Sah Dahaj Shrine Power of Fire Eldin Knight's Bow
Sha Gehma Shrine Shift and Lock N. Tabantha Snowfield Royal Broadsword
Shada Naw Shrine Red Giveaway Selmie's Spot Great Frostblade
Shee Vaneer Shrine Twin Memories Dueling Peaks
Shee Venath Shrine Twin Memories Dueling Peaks
Sheh Rata Shrine Speed of Light Lanayru Wetlands Giant Boomerang
Sho Dantu Shrine Two Bombs Gerudo Highlands Silver Rupee
Sho Kofi Shrine A Minor Test of Strength Lanayru
Suma Sahma Shrine Suma Sahma's Blessing Mount Granajh Moonlight Scimitar
Ta'loh Naeg Shrine Ta'loh Naeg's Teaching Kakariko Village
Tawa Jinn Shrine Tawa Jinn's Blessing Mount Taran Great Thunderblade
Tena Ko'sah Shrine A Major Test of Strength Ancient Columns
Tho Kayu Shrine Tho Kayu's Blessing Toruma Dunes Golden Bow
Toh Yasha Shrine Buried Secrets Thundra Plateau Rubber Armor
Toto Sah Shrine Toto Sah Apparatus Hickaly Woods
Tu Ka'loh Shrine Tu Ka'loh's Blessing Lomei Labyrinth Island Barbarian Helm
Wahgo Katta Shrine Metal Connections Whistling Hill Amber
Ze Kasho Shrine Ze Kasho Apparatus Akkala


See here for the names of each particular Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Shrine of Trials
Japan Japanese 試練の祠 (Shiren no Hokora)
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Santuario
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Santuario de la voluntad
French Republic FrenchEU Sanctuaire
Canada FrenchCA Sanctuaire initiatique
Federal Republic of Germany German Prüfungsschreine
Italian Republic Italian Sacrario



  1. "See that glowing structure there? That light appeared at the exact moment those towers rose from the ground." — Old Man (Breath of the Wild)
  2. "I am Keh Namut, the creator of this trial." — Keh Namut (Breath of the Wild)
  3. "You've conquered all of the shrine trials. The monks have prepared a gift for just such an occasion. Head to the Forgotten Temple where the oldest statue of the Goddess stands to see what they have left for you there." — N/A (Breath of the Wild)
  4. "Inside, you found a special green outfit made especially for the hero who braved the wilderness alone." — N/A (Breath of the Wild)