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Ocarina of Time Trading Sequence

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This is about adult Link's trading sequence. For young Link's trading sequence, see Mask Trading Sequence.

The Trading Sequence in Ocarina of Time is an optional side-quest that only Adult Link can complete. For completing the side-quest, Link receives the Biggoron's Sword, a powerful two-handed blade. In order to fully complete the Trading Sequence, Link must wither free Epona from Lon Lon Ranch or get the Longshot from the Water Temple.



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Event Procedure

Pocket Egg

OoT3D Pocket Egg Icon.png
Pocket Egg.png

To begin the Trading Sequence, Link must talk to the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village, who will give him the Pocket Egg.

Pocket Cucco

OoT3D Pocket Cucco Icon.png
Pocket Cucco.png

After a full day, a Pocket Cucco will hatch from the Pocket Egg.

Quote1.png Look! a chicken hatched from the egg you were incubating! It's the miracle of life! Quote2.png
— N/A


OoT3D Cojiro Icon.png

Once the Pocket Cucco has hatched, Link must use it in front of Talon, who is sound asleep in a house in Kakariko Village. Doing so will wake him up. Link can then return the Pocket Cucco to the Cucco Lady. Pleased with Link's work, she will give him a rare, blue Cucco named Cojiro.[1]

Quote1.png You returned the Pocket Cucco and got Cojiro in return! Unlike other Cuccos, Cojiro rarely crows. Quote2.png
— N/A

Odd Mushroom

OoT3D Odd Mushroom Icon.png

To obtain the Odd Mushroom, Link must take Cojiro to the Lost Woods and present it to Grog, who will be sleeping up against a tree stump near the entrance. Grog will wake up, then give Link the Odd Mushroom. He will beg Link to take it to the Old Hag who owns the Potion Shop in Kakariko Village, but warns him that the Odd Mushroom will disappear if he takes too long.[2] Link cannot warp to Kakariko Village or the Odd Mushroom will spoil automatically.

Quote1.png You got an Odd Mushroom! A fresh mushroom like this is sure to spoil quickly! Take it to the Kakariko Potion Shop, quickly! Quote2.png
— N/A

Odd Potion

OoT3D Odd Potion Icon.png
Odd Potion.png

If Link can successfully bring the Odd Mushroom to the Old Hag within the three-minute time limit, she will make some Odd Potion for Grog. In Ocarina of Time 3D, it is known as the Odd Poultice.

Quote1.png You received an Odd Potion! It may be useful for something... Hurry to the Lost Woods! Quote2.png
— N/A

Poacher's Saw

OoT3D Poacher's Saw Icon.png
Poachers Saw.png

If Link returns to the area where he found Grog, Fado will be there instead. If Link gives her the Odd Potion, she will in turn give him the Poacher's Saw.

Quote1.png You returned the Odd Potion and got the Poacher's Saw! The young punk guy must have left this behind. Quote2.png
— N/A

Broken Goron's Sword

OoT3D Broken Goron's Sword Icon.png

To obtain the Broken Goron's Sword, Link must return the Poacher's Saw to Mutoh, the leader of the Carpenters. Mutoh can be found in Gerudo Valley. In exchange for the Poacher's Saw, Mutoh will give Link the Broken Goron's Sword. Either Epona or the Longshot can be used to complete this part of the Trading Sequence.

Quote1.png You traded the Poacher's Saw for a Broken Goron's Sword! Visit Biggoron to get it repaired! Quote2.png
— N/A


OoT3D Prescription Icon.png

Link must take the Broken Goron's Sword to Biggoron on top of Death Mountain. Biggoron will say he would gladly repair the sword, but is currently unable to because of his irritated eyes.[3] He will then give Link a Prescription for some Eye Drops, to be taken to King Zora.

Quote1.png You checked in the Broken Goron's Sword and received a Prescription! Go see King Zora! Quote2.png
— N/A

Eyeball Frog

OoT3D Eyeball Frog Icon.png
Eyeball Frog.png

To receive the Eyeball Frog, Link must travel to Zora's Domain and present the Prescription to King Zora (he will need to be unfrozen with Blue Fire from the Ice Cavern if Link hasn't done so already). He will then give Link the Eyeball Frog, the essential ingredient for making Eye Drops. Link must bring the Eyeball Frog to the Lake Scientist within a three-minute time limit, or else it will spoil. Link will be unable to make it to the Lakeside Laboratory in time unless he has Epona. Once again, warping is not allowed.

Quote1.png You used the Prescription and received an Eyeball Frog! Be quick and deliver it to Lake Hylia while it's cold! Quote2.png
— N/A

Eye Drops

OoT3D Eye Drops Icon.png

If Link can make it to the Lakeside Laboratory before the Eyeball Frog spoils, the Lake Scientist will make the Eye Drops, which, once again, must be delivered quickly before they go bad. Link will have four minutes to bring the Eye Drops to Biggoron on top of Death Mountain. As usual, Link cannot warp to Death Mountain.

Quote1.png You traded the Eyeball Frog for the World's Finest Eye Drops! Hurry! Take them to Biggoron before they go bad! Quote2.png
— N/A

Claim Check

OoT3D Claim Check Icon.png
Claim Check.png

If Link can manage to bring the Eye Drops to the top of Death Mountain within the four-minute time limit, Biggoron will start fixing the Biggoron's Sword. In the meanwhile, he will give Link a Claim Check to be returned in a few days time when the work is complete.

Quote1.png The Biggoron's Sword... You got a Claim Check for it! You can't wait for the sword to be completed! Quote2.png
— N/A

The icon that appears above Link's head when receiving the claim check has a message in very tiny writing on it. Squinting at the texture reveals an item description written by a Japanese developer in questionable English.[4]

Biggoron's Sword

OoT3D Biggoron's Sword Icon.png
Biggoron sword.png

Three days after Biggoron gives Link the Claim Check, Link can finally claim the Biggoron's Sword, thus ending the Trading Sequence. The Biggoron's Sword is the most powerful weapon in the game. Link must wield it with both hands, meaning he cannot defend with his Shield with the Biggoron's Sword equipped.

Quote1.png You handed in the Claim Check and got the Biggoron's Sword! This blade was forged by a master smith and won't break! Quote2.png
— N/A


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Pocket Egg Pocket Cucco Cojiro Odd Mushroom Odd Potion (OoT)
Odd Poultice (OoT3D)
Poacher's Saw
Japan Japanese ポケットタマゴ てのりコッコ コジロー あやしいキノコ あやしいクスリ 密猟者のノコギリ
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Huevo de Bolsillo Cojiro Seta/Hongo Raro Poción Rara Sierra
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Huevo de bolsillo (OoT3D) Cuco de bolsillo (OoT3D) Cojiro (OoT3D) Champiñón extraño (OoT3D) Medicina rara (OoT3D) Sierra del furtivo (OoT3D)
French-speaking countries French Oeuf de Poche Cocotte de Poche P'tit Poulet Champignon suspect Mixture suspecte Scie du chasseur
Canada FrenchCA Œuf de poche (OoT3D) Poulette de poche (OoT3D) P'tit Poulet (OoT3D) Champignon étrange (OoT3D) Mixture étrange (OoT3D) Scie du chasseur (OoT3D)
Federal Republic of Germany German Ei Kiki Henni Schimmelpilz Modertrank Säge
Italian Republic Italian Cojiro Fungo raro Pozione rara
People's Republic of China ChineseSI 袖珍鸡蛋 袖珍咕咕鸡 小鸡郎 怪蘑菇 怪药 偷猎者之锯
TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Broken Goron's Sword (OoT)
Broken Goron Sword (OoT3D)
Prescription Eyeball Frog World's Finest Eye Drops (OoT)
World's Finest Eyedrops (OoT3D)
Claim Check
Japan Japanese 折れたゴロン刀 処方せん メダマガエル 特製本生目薬 ゴロン刀引換券
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Prescripción Reclamación
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Espada goron rota (OoT3D) Receta (OoT3D) Rana de ojos saltones (OoT3D) Supergotas oculares (OoT3D) Recibo (OoT3D)
French-speaking countries French Epée brisée de Goron Ordonnance Crapaud-qui-louche Super Gouttes Certificat
Canada FrenchCA Épée Goron brisée (OoT3D) Ordonnance (OoT3D) Crapaud-qui-louche (OoT3D) Supergouttes (OoT3D) Certificat (OoT3D)
Federal Republic of Germany German Zerbrochenes Goronen-Schwert Rezept Glotzfrosh Augentropfen Zertifikat
People's Republic of China ChineseSI 折断的鼓隆之剑 处方 大眼青蛙 特制新鲜眼药水 兑换券



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