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Title(s) Shopkeeper
Race Koridian
Gender Male
Voice Actor(s) Jeffrey Nelson

Morshu[1] is a character in Link: The Faces of Evil. He is a merchant who sells Link a variety of goods.


Morshu is a rather large man and the shopkeeper of the store in the Goronu area of Koridai. His shop sits at the base of the valley pass, atop a small bridge next to a rapidly falling waterfall. He sells Link Lamp Oil, Rope and Bombs.[2] He will make a point of refusing to sell anything if Link does not have enough Rubies,[3] and tells him to come back when he is "richer".

Wares and Pricing

Morshu's Shop
Item Selling Price
Bombs(3)Bombs (3) 20 Rubies
Rope(3)Rope (3) 10 Rubies
Lamp Oil(3)Lamp Oil (3) 5 Rubies


  • Morshu is a popular subject in "YouTube Poop" remix videos. His "Mmmmmm..." line is especially popular.


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