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LA Marin Artwork.png
Race Human
Gender Female[1][2]
Other Media Super Smash Bros. Melee Triforce piece.png
Hyrule Warriors
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Era Era of Light and Dark
Family Tarin (father)[3]

Marin is a character in Link's Awakening.[4]


LA Marin Singing.gif

Marin is a young girl who lives in Mabe Village with her father Tarin on Koholint Island. She saves Link when she discovers him on the Toronbo Shores after he was shipwrecked.[5][2] As she bears an uncanny resemblance to Princess Zelda,[6] Link confuses Marin with her when he wakes up at her house.[4] She is a musical woman who has many friends among humans, animals, and even among monsters.[6]

After Link retrieves his Sword on the beach shore, Marin leaves her house and stands next to the weathercock singing the "Ballad of the Wind Fish." Later on, the path to the Yarna Desert is blocked off by a sleeping Walrus. Link learns from the animals in the Animal Village that the lazy Walrus is fond of Marin's singing.[7] Link goes to Marin's house but finds a note left by her saying that she is at the beach.[8] When Link finds her at the Toronbo Shores, the two of them sit down on a log and Marin confesses that her heart skipped a beat when she found him on the shore, believing that he had come to give the islanders a message.[9] She goes on to say that if she were a seagull, she would fly away from the island and sing for many people, wondering if her dream will come true if she wishes to the Wind Fish.[10] Shortly after, Marin declares that she wants to know everything about Link, but immediately laughs it off and agrees to go with Link to go see the Walrus.[11]

Marin finding Link in the Toronbo Shores after his shipwreck

For most of the game, she can be found singing the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" near the weathercock.

Along the way, Marin and Link go through a series of misadventures, such as Marin falling on top of Link when they both go down a well and Marin picking up the Trendy Game shop owner with a grabbing claw.[12][13] When Link hits a Cucco, she also tells him off, and calls him a "bad boy" when he throws and breaks a pot.[14] If Link hits a Cucco too many times, Marin will change her attitude for a moment as if she is enjoying the moment.[15] Once Marin wakes up the Walrus with her singing, she goes to the Animal Village and stay there to sing for the animals.

Near the end of the game, some monsters kidnap Marin while she is singing to the Wind Fish egg and place her on a rotting segment of the bridge crossing between the Tal Tal Heights. Calling for help, she admits to Link that she is afraid of heights.[16] Link rescues her using the Hookshot and, for a brief moment, she begins to admit something to him, but as she is about to confess, her father Tarin calls and breaks the moment.[17]

After obtaining the Ocarina, Link can speak to Marin to learn the "Ballad of the Wind Fish." If Link speaks to her again, she will thank him for all his help and tell he is the "kindest boy" she knows, revealing that she already made her wish to the Wind Fish but refuses to tell him what it was.[18] Marin also asks that Link always remember her and the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" when the time comes for him to leave the island, for if he were to forget, she would never forgive him.[19][20]

When the Wind Fish wakes up, the dream ends and everyone, including Marin, disappears. If Link manages to complete his quest without dying, Marin can be seen when the end credits are over. In the original game, a winged Marin can be seen flying across the screen. In Link's Awakening DX, Marin's image appears in the sky and then slowly fades, revealing a seagull.

Non-Canon Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Melee

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Marin appears as a Trophy. In this Trophy, her hair is blonde instead of red as depicted in her official artwork.

Trophy Information

# Image Description How to Unlock
220 SSBM Marin Trophy Model.png Marin is a young girl who cares for Link after a shipwreck washes him up on the shores of Koholint Island. She's a talented harpist, well liked for her kind and gentle nature. She holds fast to the ideals of truth and honor; if Link happens to steal something during his adventure, she greets him with a shout of "THIEF!". Unlock all secret stages and characters

Hyrule Warriors Series

In Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends, Marin appears as a playable Warrior. She is included in the Link's Awakening DLC Pack.[21] She uses the Bell as her Weapon, which carries the Element of Water. Using her Bell, she can summon the Wind Fish to aid her in an assortment of attacks and her Special Attack by ringing the Bell over her head in the air.

Marin does not drop any unique Materials when defeated in battle. She instead drops Zelda's Brooch as a silver Material, or Zelda's Tiara as a gold Material.


  • If Link plays the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" while in the presence of Marin, she will critique him, commenting that it is not very good, then immediately pretend she did not say anything.[22]
  • Even though the official artwork and her Super Smash Bros. Melee Trophy depicts her with a harp, she is never seen with one in-game.
  • In an Ocarina of Time developer's interview posted on Shigesato Itoi's website, 1101.com, script writer Toru Osawa said that Talon and Malon from Ocarina of Time are based on Tarin and Marin. It was intended that players who have played Link's Awakening would recognize the reference.[3]
  • In the character design notes for Aryll inside the Zelda Box's book, Eiji Aonuma said that Aryll (アリル, Ariru) was originally going to be named Mariru (マリル) to be similar to Marin (マリン) and Malon (マロン, Maron) from Ocarina of Time.[23] As such, certain similarities between Aryll and Marin can be noted, such as their affinity for seagulls and the red hibiscus in Marin's hair that appears on a pattern on Aryll's dress.
  • Marin will chastise Link for performing mischievous acts, but if he continues on, she will instead encourage him to continue doing so.[24] This is referenced in Hyrule Warriors during her quotes after defeating 1,000 enemies.[25][26]


Marin's name could come from the Latin word marinus, meaning "of the sea".[27] Marin's name resembles the word "marine," which is her French name. Also, the prefix "mar-" means "sea" in Spanish,[28] and "seagull" in Norse.[29].

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese マリン (Marin) Same as English
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Marín Triforce piece.png
French Republic FrenchEU Marine Altenative way to write "Marin"
Canada FrenchCA Marine[30] Altenative way to write "Marin"
Federal Republic of Germany German Marin Same as English


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