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Great Plateau

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Great Plateau
BotW Great Plateau.png
Link overlooking the Great Plateau
Item(s) Paraglider
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The Great Plateau is the starting region in Breath of the Wild.

Features and Overview

The Great Plateau is a large region of land that is secluded from other parts of Hyrule, as its steep slopes prevent anyone from traveling to and from it without special equipment, such as the Paraglider.[1] The only active inhabitant is the Old Man, a mysterious elderly fellow with a deep knowledge of the Sheikah.[2]

According to the Old Man, the Great Plateau is the location where the Kingdom of Hyrule was founded.[3] As such, it is a sacred place where no monsters are meant to roam.[4] However, due to the Calamity Ganon's growing influence, it has been corrupted.

Eastern Abbey

The Eastern Abbey with an inactive Guardian

The Eastern Abbey is a ruin surrounding Ja Baij Shrine on the eastern edge of the Great Plateau. The Eastern Abbey contains several broken down Guardians, three of which are still active and will come alive to attack Link if he comes within range of them. The formal entryway to the Ja Baij Shrine is blocked by a bombable wall, which can be broken with a Guardian's laser, Bomb Arrows or with the Remote Bomb Rune after retrieving it from inside the Shrine.

Forest of Spirits

The Forest of Spirits is a heavily-wooded area in the north of the Great Plateau. It is lush with wildlife, inhabited by Boars and birds as well as a plethora of organic plant-based Materials. An uninhabited camp containing a campfire and a Cooking Pot can be found in the eastern reaches of the Forest of Spirits, allowing Link to cook various Foods with the Materials littered across the Forest floor. This camp also contains basic weaponry, such as the Traveler's Bow and a Torch. Also found in the Forest of Spirits is an enormous hollow log with the top rotted away, inside which a tall yellow flower can be found. If Link tries to approach this flower, it will vanish, and reappear a short distance away. After it does this several times, it reveals itself to be a Korok. Another Korok, Linder, can be found by lifting the rock on the top of the small, strangely shaped hill.

The Stone Talus, a gigantic golem-like enemy, can be found in a rocky clearing in the Forest.

Great Plateau Tower

The Great Plateau Tower overlooking Hyrule Castle
Main article: Sheikah Tower

The Great Plateau Tower is a Sheikah Tower situated in the northeastern region of the Great Plateau. Initially, it is buried beneath the surface of the Great Plateau, requiring Link to use his Sheikah Slate to reactivate it. Upon reactivation, it causes a chain reaction across Hyrule, raising Sheikah Towers across all of Hyrule and activating all Shrines of Trials atop the Great Plateau.[5]

Hopper Pond

The Hopper Pond is a small body of water found west of the Forest of Spirits. A group of Bokoblins have established an encampment beside the Pond, guarding their treasure. Due west of Hopper Pond is another Bokoblin encampment which guards the Fire Rod.

Mount Hylia

Mount Hylia is a cold and snowy region in the Great Plateau, based beside the River of the Dead. It is dotted with several Bokoblin camps, and is inhabited with ice-themed enemies. Keh Namut Shrine lays near a frigid pond in northwestern region, and Owa Daim Shrine rests on the far eastern border of the mountain. After raising the Great Plateau Tower, if Link climbs up to its peak in the center, he is greeted by the Old Man, who teaches him about the Scope ability on Link's Sheikah Slate.[6] If Link has climbed to the peak using only Foods that give him Cold Resistance, the Old Man will be impressed with his ability to travel so far in the cold without proper attire, and gives Link the Warm Doublet.[7] On the stone wall near Keh Namut Shrine, Elma can be found hiding inside a chunk of ice. The ice must be melted in order to find the Korok.

The peak contains a cairn from which Link may find minerals and similar Materials through searching.

River of the Dead

The River of the Dead

The River of the Dead is a frigid body of water fed by Mount Hylia. The air temperature surrounding the River of the Dead is cold enough to damage Link if he remains in the vicinity without special cold-resistant items, such as the Warm Doublet. Spicy Peppers grow near the gateway to the River of the Dead leading from the Temple of Time, giving Link temporary cold resistance when consumed. A Raft is docked in the River of the Dead, which can be propelled with a Korok Leaf. On the bank of the River are the remains of a house, which contains a generous supply of Wood.

The River of the Dead leads off of the Great Plateau, ending in a waterfall leading to an unknown location at the base of the Plateau. Near this waterfall is a Bokoblin encampment marked by a platform built around trees. In order to defeat the Bokoblins in this elevated location, he must sever ropes suspending a ramp on the northern side.

Shrine of Resurrection

Main article: Shrine of Resurrection

The Shrine of Resurrection is where Link first awakens, upon hearing a voice pleading for his return to save Hyrule. It is situated in the center of the Great Plateau.

Shrines of Trials

Main article: Shrine of Trials

The Great Plateau bears four Shrines of Trials: Ja Baij Shrine, Keh Namut Shrine, Oman Au Shrine and Owa Daim Shrine. Link is tasked with the responsibility of clearing each of these Shrines in order to retrieve the treasure, the Spirit Orbs, granted by the eponymous Monks residing in each Shrine. In exchange for this treasure, the Old Man offers his Paraglider,[8] the only tool capable of allowing Link to leave the Great Plateau.

Temple of Time

Link climbing the Temple of Time
Main article: Temple of Time

The Temple of Time is situated near the center of the Great Plateau, at the foot of the River of the Dead. With the decay of the Kingdom of Hyrule, it has fallen into disrepair, but it was once used frequently for sacred rites.[9] Inside rests a Statue of the Goddess, Hylia, which Link can pray to in order to receive her blessing.[10] After Link has four Sprit Orbs, he can receive a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel from the Goddess.

Woodcutter's House

The Woodcutter's House is a small building based in the southwestern region of the Great Plateau.[11] Inside, a Woodcutter's Axe can be found, as well as several Materials. Outside sits a Cooking Pot, joined by a Pot Lid and a Torch. Resting on the Cabin itself is a Farmer's Pitchfork, a spear-like weapon. Atop the roof, Olivio the Korok can be found. In return for finding him, Olivio will gift Link a Korok Seed. Outside of the House near a small garden rests a giant Barrel, which Link can carry.

Minor Enemies and Traps


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 始まりの台地 (Hajimari no Daichi) Plateau of the Beginning
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Meseta de los albores [12] [13] Plateau of the Dawn
French Republic FrenchEU Plateau du Prélude [14] Plateau of Prelude
Federal Republic of Germany German Vergessenes Plateau [15] Forgotten Plateau
Italian Republic Italian Altopiano delle Origini [16] Plateau of Origins
Netherlands Dutch Vergeten Hoogvlakte Forgotten Plateau
Russian Federation Russian Великое плато (Velikoye plato) Great Plateau



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  2. "Seems you managed to get your hands on a Spirit Orb! Well done! [Paraglider, please?] Let's slow down for a moment there, my young friend. The appearance of those towers and the awakening of this shrine... It's all connected to that Sheikah Slate you carry on your hip there. [What do you mean?] It has been quite some time since I've seen or heard of the Sheikah Slate... Long ago, an advanced civilization known as the Sheikah inhabited these lands. It was the power and wisdom of the Sheikah that saved this land time and time again. But their civilization disappeared long ago...or so it is said. It is interesting, however, to think...that something of them might still remain hidden away in a shrine such as this. These shrines are tucked away in numerous places all across this land." — Old Man (Breath of the Wild)
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