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For the character in Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, see Eagle (Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love). For this dungeon in BS The Legend of Zelda, see Level 1 (BS The Legend of Zelda).
The labyrinth's symbol and internal form
Location(s) Hyrule
Game(s) The Legend of Zelda
Main Item BowTriforce piece.png
BoomerangTriforce piece.png
Boss(es) Aquamentus
Quest Reward(s)Triforce Fragment
Heart Container

Eagle, also known as the Eagle labyrinth or simply Level 1, is the first dungeon in The Legend of Zelda and, by extension, is the very first dungeon seen in the entire Zelda franchise.


The entrance to the dungeon in both the First and Second Quest

In both quests, the Eagle dungeon is located on an island accessible by a bridge. The island is in the center of a lake, and no previous items are needed to reach the dungeon. The entrance itself is inside one of the brown trees.

Themes and Navigation

First Quest

First Quest map

The interior of this dungeon appears to be made of stone bricks, like most dungeons in The Legend of Zelda, with its primary color being teal. Since it is the first dungeon in The Legend of Zelda, it is often considered as being one of the easier and shorter dungeons in the game.

The main items of this dungeon in first quest are the Boomerang, guarded by a room full of Goriya, and a Bow, although it will not come equipped with arrows, forcing Link to purchase some from one of the shops in the Hyrule overworld. The boss of the dungeon is Aquamentus, who guards one of the Triforce pieces.

When viewed on a map, this dungeon appears to be in the shape of a bird, with the tip of its right wing being the room containing the dungeon's Triforce piece. The dungeon's name is an obvious reference to its shape.

Second Quest

Second Quest map

In the Second Quest, the Eagle dungeon's entrance is in the same location as it is in the First Quest. Like most dungeons in the Second Quest of The Legend of Zelda, the dungeon's layout greatly differs in size and difficulty. The dungeon's walls and flooring are again teal in color.

The dungeon now only has one main item, the Boomerang, which is again guarded by a room of Goriya; in the Second Quest, the Bow is instead located in the Lizard dungeon. Like in the First Quest, Aquamentus is the boss of this dungeon, guarding one of the Triforce pieces.

The most notable difference in the shape of this dungeon, changing from an eagle shape to the shape of the letter E. When the shapes of the Lizard (Letter Z), Eagle (Letter E), Manji (Letter L), Snake (Letter D), and Moon (Letter A) are listed in that order, they spell ZELDA.

Minor Enemies and Traps

First Quest

Second Quest

Other Appearances

Four Swords Anniversary Edition

The Eagle Labrynth makes a re-apperance in the Realm of Memories as a part of Four Swords Anniversary Edition.

Non-Canon Information hide

The Legend of Zelda comic

Zelda getting ambushed by Ganon's minions

In the Legend of Zelda comic, Princess Zelda enters the Eagle labyrinth to practice fighting in Ganon's Underworld.[1] Link reminds her that if she needs help at one point, she can just blow the Magic Whistle and he will be there to assist her.[2] The princess heads in, confident in that nothing could go wrong with all of the lessons Link has taught her.[3] After Zelda vanishes into the Underworld, a Wizzrobe commands several of Ganon's minions to tie Link up so that he can teleport both of them into the final room of the labyrinth, revealing to Link that he filled the Eagle labyrinth with the most dangerous of enemies so that Zelda may not stand a chance up against them.[4]

Meanwhile, just as Zelda is telling herself that she will not call for Link's help at the first sign of danger, a Gohma appears behind her.[5] Surprised that a Gohma has appeared in such an early level,[6] the princess tries to fire a Sword Beam at the foe's eye, but she is pushed back by the force of the beam, blaming Link for not having told her about the "kick."[7] She is successful in defeating a group of incoming Patras, although she admits to herself that the current situation is too tough for her and decides to call Link by blowing the Magic Whistle.[8] When Link does not appear, Zelda realizes that something must have happened and tries to stay calm since she can still get out by remembering everything that the young hero taught her.[9] The princess then reaches for her magic pouch and gets out a bomb, recalling Link's advice in that she can find an exit by blowing up one of room's walls.[10] The opening reveals even more of Ganon's minions,[11] but still the princess manages to get into the next room since the foes are busy fighting amongst themselves.[12] Zelda then prepares another bomb since she hears someone approaching her,[13] which just turns out to be Miff.[14]

Before Miff can say anything else, she warns Zelda about the Dodongo behind her, allowing Zelda to defeat it with her last bomb.[15] Miff realizes that the princess is hurt,[16] and as the fairy heals her wounds, the princess explains to her the recent strange events.[17] Astonished, Miff explains that Zelda cannot hope to fight through the Underworld's labyrinths using Link's way since she considers that the young hero only survives because of his "dumb luck and brute force."[18] Zelda realizes this and wishes she had a bow with her since she is unable to fire a sword beam correctly.[19]

Soon after, Miff and Zelda stumble into the treasure of the Eagle labyrinth, a magic bow,[20] which allows the princess to defeat the Gohma with a single shot and make her way into the final chamber of the maze.[21] With her bow in hand, Zelda eventually defeats the Wizzrobe and rescues Link in the process.[22]


  • The Eagle labyrinth and the Gnarled Root Dungeon from Oracle of Seasons have several similarities. The exterior of both dungeons is what appears to be a dead tree in a small island within a lake, and both dungeons have Aquamentus as the main boss.
  • In Norse mythology, there is a dragon named Níðhöggr that gnaws on a root of Yggdrasil; similarly, this tree-based dungeon has a dragon as its boss.
  • Eagle is suspected of inspiring the design for the Great Deku Tree, as both of them resemble anthropomorphic trees and contain dungeons inside their trunks. Both dungeons also serve as a variety of "firsts" within the franchise, with Eagle being the very first dungeon of the very first Zelda game; while Inside the Deku Tree was the first dungeon of the first game in the 3D generation, Ocarina of Time.


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