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Dungeon Item List

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A dungeon item is the main item that Link obtains within a dungeon in one of the Zelda games. Most of the time, Link must beat a mini-boss first before he can obtain the item. Here is a list of them:

The Legend of Zelda

First Quest

Eagle Labyrinth: Bow and Boomerang
Moon Labyrinth: Magical Boomerang
Manji Labyrinth: Raft
Demon Labyrinth: Ladder
Lizard Labyrinth: Recorder
Snake Labyrinth: Magic Rod
Dragon Labyrinth: Red Candle
Lion Labyrinth: Book of Magic and Magical Key
Skull Labyrinth: Silver Arrows and Red Ring

Second Quest

Eagle Labyrinth: Boomerang
Moon Labyrinth: Flute
Manji Labyrinth: Magical Boomerang
Demon Labyrinth: Book of Magic and Raft
Lizard Labyrinth: Bow
Snake Labyrinth: Ladder
Dragon Labyrinth: Red Candle
Lion Labyrinth: Magic Rod and Magical Key
Skull Labyrinth: Silver Arrows and Red Ring

The Adventure of Link

Parapa Palace: Candle
Midoro Palace: Glove
Island Palace: Raft
Maze Island Palace: Winged Boots
Palace on the Sea: Flute
Three-Eye Rock Palace: Cross

A Link to the Past

Light World

Hyrule Castle: Fighter's Sword, Fighter's Shield and Boomerang
Eastern Palace: Bow
Desert Palace: Power Glove
Tower of Hera: Moon Pearl

Dark World

Palace of Darkness: Magic Hammer
Swamp Palace: Hookshot
Skull Woods: Fire Rod
Thieves' Town: Titan's Mitt
Ice Palace: Blue Mail
Misery Mire Palace: Cane of Somaria
Turtle Rock: Mirror Shield
Ganon's Tower: Red Mail

Link's Awakening

Tail Cave: Roc's Feather
Bottle Grotto: Power Bracelet
Key Cavern: Pegasus Shoes
Angler's Tunnel: Flippers
Catfish's Maw: Hookshot
Face Shrine: L-2 Power Bracelet
Eagle's Tower: Mirror Shield
Turtle Rock: Magic Rod

Ocarina of Time


Inside the Deku Tree: Fairy Slingshot
Dodongo's Cavern: Bomb Bag
Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly: Boomerang
Bottom of the Well: Lens of Truth
Spirit Temple: Silver Gauntlets


Forest Temple: Fairy Bow
Fire Temple: Megaton Hammer
Ice Cavern: Iron Boots
Water Temple: Longshot
Shadow Temple: Hover Boots
Gerudo's Training Ground: Ice Arrows
Spirit Temple: Mirror Shield
Ganon's Castle: Golden Gauntlets

Majora's Mask

Woodfall Temple: Hero's Bow
Snowhead Temple: Fire Arrows
Pirates' Fortress: Hookshot
Great Bay Temple: Ice Arrows
Beneath the Well: Mirror Shield
Stone Tower Temple: Light Arrows and Giant's Mask
Moon Dungeons: Fierce Deity's Mask

Oracle of Seasons

Gnarled Root Dungeon: Seed Satchel
Snake's Remains: Power Bracelet
Poison Moth's Lair: Roc's Feather
Dancing Dragon Dungeon: Slingshot
Unicorn's Cave: Magnetic Glove
Ancient Ruins: Magical Boomerang
Explorer's Crypt: Roc's Cape
Sword & Shield Maze: Hyper Slingshot

Oracle of Ages

Spirit's Grave: Power Bracelet
Wing Dungeon: Roc's Feather
Moonlit Grotto: Seed Shooter
Skull Dungeon: Switch Hook
Crown Dungeon: Cane of Somaria
Mermaid's Cave: Mermaid Suit
Jabu-Jabu's Belly: Long Hook
Ancient Tomb: Power Glove

The Wind Waker

Forsaken Fortress: Sword (first time), Skull Hammer (second time)
Dragon Roost Cavern: Grappling Hook
Forbidden Woods: Boomerang
Tower of the Gods: Hero's Bow
Earth Temple: Mirror Shield
Wind Temple: Hookshot
Ganon's Tower: Light Arrow

The Minish Cap

Deepwood Shrine: Gust Jar
Cave of Flames: Cane of Pacci
Fortress of Winds: Mole Mitts and the Ocarina of Wind
Temple of Droplets: Flame Lantern
Palace of Winds: Roc's Cape
Dark Hyrule Castle: Four Sword

Twilight Princess

Forest Temple: Gale Boomerang
Goron Mines: Hero's Bow
Lakebed Temple: Clawshot
Arbiter's Grounds: Spinner
Snowpeak Ruins: Ball and Chain
Temple of Time: Dominion Rod
City in the Sky: Double Clawshot
Palace of Twilight: Light Sword

Phantom Hourglass

Temple of Fire: Boomerang
Temple of Wind: Bombs
Temple of Courage: Bow
Goron Temple: Bombchu
Temple of Ice: Grappling Hook
Mutoh's Temple: Hammer
Temple of the Ocean King: Phantom Hourglass

Spirit Tracks

Forest Temple: Whirlwind
Snow Temple: Boomerang
Ocean Temple: Snake Whip
Fire Temple: Bow
Sand Temple: Sand Wand, Bow of Light and Lokomo Sword

Skyward Sword

Skyview Temple: Beetle
Earth Temple: Bomb Bag
Lanayru Mining Facility: Gust Bellows
Ancient Cistern: Whip
Sandship: Bow
Fire Sanctuary: Mogma Mitts

A Link Between Worlds


The dungeons in Hyrule do not contain Dungeon Items.


Dark Palace: Master Ore
Swamp Palace: Blue Mail
Skull Woods: Master Ore
Thieves' Hideout: Master Ore
Desert Palace: Titan's Mitt
Turtle Rock: Hylian Shield
Ice Ruins: Stamina Scroll
Lorule Castle: Red Mail

Note: Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, and Tri Force Heroes are not in this listing because of the item switching process.